Usa Man Billy

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  • Age:46
  • Height:6'0" - 183 cm
  • Weight:200 lb - 91 kg
  • Country:Usa
  • ID:9422
Personal details
  • First name:Billy
  • Birth date:1973 Apr 04
  • Eye color:hazel
  • Hair color:black
  • Body type:average
  • Country:Usa
  • City:Summerville
  • Education:high school
  • English proficiency:excellent
  • Marital status:Never Married
  • Religion:Christianity
  • Smoking:No
  • Sign Of Zodiac:Aries
  • Would you like a lady to move to you: yes
Favorite Music:
Favorite Movies
Comedy, romantic,
About me:
Im a very serious man seeking wife right awaym READ, READ, READ, READ MY PROFILE CAREFULLY!!!!!!!! Read my profile carefully!!!! Read my profile to avoid wasting my time. I hate women here who does not reqd my profile and follow instructions. i am a very serious, demanding, strict, loving man. not here to chat or write many letters. here to find a wife right away. if you are serious then send me 1 letter with 100 questions to know me and send only photos of you in stocking. you also must be willing to fly to me in a few weeks to show seriousness. i was told by a ukriana woman who married a man in my city told me if the women on this site is serious for love and marriage then she must fly to the man. if she does not obey and fly to the man then she is not serious and for me to ignore the woman. so i am here for serious woman. read my ideal woman carefully and NOT WASTE MY TIME.
I'm looking for:
Read my profile carefully on my ideal woman before sending me letter. Too many women writing me letters and wasting my time. I dont like wasting time and am serious to find that one woman to love and marry.. 1. I am looking for a woman who is serious about marriage. 2. Who who fly to Charleston international airport in south Carolina, usa in a few days. 3. who does not have kids and never been married, 4. who loves to wear stocking and high heels shoes everyday(I hate flip flop and flat shoes). 5. Who wear dark beautiful make up. 6. who don't drink and smoke and never sone drugs. Also who not drink wine. 7. who don't need friends in her life when with a man. 8. who does not watch men's sports. 9. who does not go to bars or clubs. 10. Who cook. 11. who very affectionate, romantic, loving, caring, creative, promising. 12 who is very sexy and sexual. 13. Who have long dark hair. 14. Who loves fashion. 15, Who cant live without the man once she feels true love. 16. who is obedient and submissive 17. Who have no tattoos, no body pierce except the ears. 18 who is very loyalty, attentive, love cuddling and kisses daily. 19. who does not cheat or lie or flirt with other men. 20. Who have perfect small toes and small feet. 21. Who the age 18 to 40. 22. Who is no taller than 5'6" becauae of high heel shoes. 22. who knows the man makes the desicions in the relationship and he is the head of the woman. 23. Who does not have social media account and not obsessed with cell phone. 24. Who does not have kids and never married. I will not deal with another man in a womams life. 25. Who is not too independent. Many men now days dont like independent or stubborn women such women are complicated and will cause problem in a relationship. 26. Who is changeable person that will five up old life, sacrifice her life for love and to have a new life. 27. Who is a Christian woman 28. Who does not use profanity words and who is not abusive person, who does not get angry easily. 29. Who is not looking for rich man or a hot body. But seeking true loyalty faithful man. Love is more valuable than anything. 30. Who is a homebody person but like to go out time to time, travel and etc.... 31. Who still not have feelings for ex's. 32. Who is not a classic type woman or wear classic type clothes. 33. A woman who does not need space or freedom when in a relationship because when woman needs freedom and space then the man will walk away or find another woman. 34. Who will fly to man in few days to start true love. 35. Must be mature woman and not a mind of a child. 36. I do not like blond hair. I love dark long hair. 37. Must be willing,to give up old life and have a new life with a man and true love. Must never look back when you start a new life. 38. Must love sexy clothes and lingerie everyday. 39. Must want a family with one man. 40. Must have big breast. 41. Must not need to be around people and need one man. Relationship never last long when u need friends and a man. I need one woman only... 42. Must have photos of you dressed up in stocking and heels. I am not interesting in photos such lazy clothes, bathing suits and etc.... just a well dressed mature woman in stocking and heels daily. 43. Must be ready to have a family. 44. Must have large breast. 45. Must already have visa to usa. If you not have photo in stocking and heels , I will not respond. If you not willing to fly to man then dont waste my time. If you serious follow instructions sending me photo of you in stocking and high heels and ask me 100 questions in one letter to know me faster. Too many women wants to write many letters for fun. I'm not here for fun. I'm here for love and marriage right away. thank you
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