Ukrainian Lady Nataliya

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  • Age:32
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Country:Ukraine
  • ID:8576
Personal details
  • First name:Nataliya
  • Birth date:1988 Apr 06
  • Eye color:black
  • Hair color:black
  • Body type:slim
  • Country:Ukraine
  • City:Zaporozhe
  • Education:university degree
  • English proficiency:basic
  • Marital status:Never Married
  • Religion:Christianity
  • Smoking:No
  • Sign Of Zodiac:Aries
  • Are you planning moving to another country: yes
Favorite Music:
Favorite Movies
Type Of Hair:
Length Of Hair:
About me:
I look like chocolate. Chocolate can be different. It can be sweet, it can be bitter, it can be with pepper, it can be milky. It depends on a master, on a boss, on fantasy and ingredients. Like chocolate I can be different. I can be a blonde, I can be a brunette, I can be a confident lady or a weak child. I can be passionate, I can be gentle... In a word, you will not be bored with me. I`m a mystery woman. But the truth is your life will be like chocolate with me. Do you want it?
I'm looking for:
I want you to treat me like your baby. Love me, pamper me, punish me, teach me, take care of me... Perhaps, sometimes I will be angry with you for this, but it will be the sweet malice of your sweet girl. Never use physical force with me. It will kill everything between us. Do not lie to me. Relationships can’t exist without trust and sincerity. And believe in my sincerity, because if you are real and you do everything right, I will not have any reason to cheat. Forgive me for little things. I can oversleep a meeting with your friends, I can forget to iron your favorite shirt, I can forget to feed a cat or a dog. Forgive me because you`re a strong and wise man! It does not matter if your face and body are nice. It is important for me that you know how to make me laugh and relax. Love me sincerely, please. And I will make you the king of my life! To request contact information
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