Ukrainian Lady Viktoriya

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  • Age:41
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Country:Ukraine
  • ID:7016
Personal details
  • First name:Viktoriya
  • Birth date:1979 May 29
  • Eye color:black
  • Hair color:black
  • Body type:slim
  • Kids:1
  • Country:Ukraine
  • City:Odessa
  • Education:university degree
  • English proficiency:basic
  • Marital status:Divorced
  • Religion:Orthodoxy
  • Smoking:No
  • Sign Of Zodiac:Gemini
  • Are you planning moving to another country: maybe
Favorite Music:
I am music lover
Favorite Movies
Comedy, drama, thriller
Type Of Hair:
Length Of Hair:
About me:
You will never find a more cheerful, energetic and bright girl than me. No way! Now, having been married to my husband for a decade I’m a free and ready to start a new relationship, but this time a genuine and ever-lasting one. I have a son, a joyful 11-year-old, who is my everything. He’s on a good term with his father and I wouldn’t dare to interfere in their relationship, because they seem to be getting on well, like a fire on house for sure. What do you think about it? Is it a good approach? I’m mad about taking photographs of my sunny self. There’s tons of photos of me being in different settings, which I like to discuss with my firm friends and the son, especially If I feel a bit down. There are so many positive emotions enshrouded in them, that I can’t help going over them again and again. By the way, I’m on the lookout for a good photographer!  This could also be you! I like sunbathing during the summer season, which I find obvious enough, given that my hometown is on the Black sea. And again the sun recharges me with positive feelings and emotions for weeks. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity and can’t image my life without sea. Would you like to stretch out with me on the beach sometime?
I'm looking for:
I want to feel that my life and I revolve around my man. Yes, I want to take the pride of place in your life. You can always count on me, I’m not able to betray the man I love. As long as you’re responsible and caring I’m ready to go out of my way to please you, provided there’s no lies between us. For me, faithfulness is a key to a truly good marriage. Do you agree? To request contact information
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