French Man Joseph

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  • Age:61
  • Height:5'8" - 178 cm
  • Weight:242 lb - 110 kg
  • Country:France
  • ID:5875
Personal details
  • First name:Joseph
  • Birth date:1959 Mar 22
  • Eye color:brown
  • Hair color:black
  • Body type:thick
  • Country:France
  • City:Stains
  • Education:some college
  • English proficiency:excellent
  • Marital status:Never Married
  • Religion:Atheism
  • Smoking:Yes
Purpose Of Relations:
marriage, romantic relations, travel partner, friendship
About me:
Write a sincere and honest description of himself is always difficult to do, and could become a little bit "pretentious". I'm working on my own business company since 1989. I'm an independent & open mind, hardworking, curious, pragmatic. With a strong character. I am quite loyal in friendship and love, so rather honest and direct. Despite the hardships of life I'm quite optimistic, patient, generous and affectionate. And a little bit cynical. But at my age, sometimes it is a quality :-) Like any French, of my generation (of course :-), I love life, beautiful things, the simple pleasures of life, culture, music, movies, theater, books. Good wine, and good Champagne in great occasions. Like any well-educated French, I know how to choose a good restaurant, a good wine and a good champagne. As well as to choose women lingerie, that I love to offer. To my woman of course! Not for me :-) (Look at my photos, and try 1 minute to imagine myself dressed with women lingerie...) As a real french in mind, I am polite, gallant and charming, I like seduction and I love good food, even though I have a little bit abused by getting older :-) And as a real French of my generation, I smoke cigarettes. I'm sorry for you ladies! :-) Finally, as any good French, I like to talk, I like politics and I like very much humor. I may talk a classy french, as well a french slang and coarse :-) I love to travel. I spent long periods in different places in the USA, Israel, and many Western European countries (for living, for travel and for work). And of course in my Country :-). I also lived 2 years in Sofia/Bulgaria, with a nice Bulgarian divorced women, along her 2 children. Through my Mother family, I have Bulgarian origins, so I have some understanding of Slavic culture. I never consider myself as someone special. I'm pretty sure to be someone all of a quite ordinary. Which has certainly never had a normal life, but had several lives and several trades, sometimes difficult and painful, sometimes extraordinary. Like everyone, I have made ​​good and bad choices, mistakes and successes. But always moving on. I have no degree, but I can claim to have passed the diploma from the school of the street life :-) I have never been a bum, but I was raised on the hard way in the street of the northern suburbs of Paris. Everything I learned, I owe to my curiosity, to my experience and to myself. And of course, from all the women I met and I lived with. I have long dragged an inferiority complex because I was not educated nor qualified, but through experience and years, this inferiority complex has been transformed into a superiority complex. No, I'm just kidding on that point :-) I rather have the reputation of being a "big mouth", but like any "big mouth", I'm pretty shy. I'm also a little bit "macho" but certainly not in the Slavic way, rather in the Latin way, even in the Mediterranean way. But defintively in a French way ! :-)
I'm looking for:
I like women who have character and are independent, in mind of course. With a real sense of humor and a minimum of tolerence towards others. Which are neither hysterical nor depressed, but who are optimistic and have a minimum of self-confidence, and confident to the others. I think the richness of a relationship goes precisely through confrontation and adjustment of our differences and our singularities: - cultural differences - character - experiences - opinions - different ways of doing - and even the age difference This will achieve the balance as desired. A great complicity between us would not be superfluous. In my mind, it is a "Sine Qua Non" condition.
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