U.S. Man Karl

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  • Age:65
  • Height:6'3" - 191 cm
  • Weight:189 lb - 86 kg
  • Country:U.S.
  • ID:3166
Personal details
  • First name:Karl
  • Birth date:1955 Jan 27
  • Eye color:blue
  • Hair color:brown
  • Body type:average
  • Kids:2
  • Country:U.S.
  • City:Long Beach, MS
  • Education:graduate school
  • English proficiency:excellent
  • Marital status:Divorced
  • Religion:Christianity
  • Smoking:No
  • Sign Of Zodiac:Aquarius
  • Would you like a lady to move to you: yes
Favorite Music:
Classic Rock 'n Roll, Classic County, Instrumentals, Some Big Band, Many New Pop Hits; pretty much anything, except Rap, Bluegrass, and Hip Hop!
Favorite Movies
Pale Rider, Sea Biscuit, My Fair Lady, Titanic, The Longest Day, Casa Blanca, BraveHeart AND other movies that show the best of human nature winning out over the worst of human nature. Also like movies that are historically correct and teach lessons that citizens should keep in mind. If they have beautiful scenery, all the better! Some romantic comedies can also be enjoyable.
Purpose Of Relations:
I do not consider it necessary to show this information
About me:
I HAD LIFE-SAVING ANEURYSM SURGERY IN MID-DECEMBER. IN MARCH I BROKE MY HIP, AND IN SEPTEMBER I HAD SURGERY ON SKIN CANCER. BUT, NOW I'M ALMOST BACK TO NORMAL, THANK GOD! I am a 6'3' gentleman who loves driving through, and staying in the mountains & along seashores! I'm a very early retiree from a federal civil rights management position, covering 10-states & the Caribbean. However, I'm a strong conservative, with traditional family values and a belief in limited government. Nevertheless, I am a rational environmentalist. Family, faith and freedom form the foundation of my belief structure. My interests are many & varied, including travel, dancing, camping, helping the severely handicapped, exploring nature, attending movies, theaters & concerts, visiting museums & art galleries, and ATVing, boating & snowmobiling. I was voted "wittiest" by my public school classmates. I am highly (overly?):) educated, including a bachelors degree (political science) from the University of Southern Mississippi, masters from Emory University & a doctorate from Vanderbilt University (both with race relations/social psychology of prejudice emphases). I was elected president of the Atlanta, then the Georgia, chapters of the Jobs Division of the National Rehabilitation Association, & national president of America's oldest & largest community college honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. My public battles, defending traditional values, had me featured on 20/20 and CNN Presents, and in the Washington Post, Washingto Times, Wall Street Journal, Human Events and the Christian American. I had two sons, but my first born (David) died in Octobber 2012, after an eleven-year battle with incurable Ehlers-Danlos disease, leaving behind his son (Myles). My other son (Wes) had his first baby (Isabelle) in November 2012. I'm still hurting, so I REALLY NEED LOVE now, more than ever! I ended both of my marriages, each lasting over fifteen years, because the women had become very unpleasant & negative. One would not overcome serious drinking & weight problems. The other had hidden a previous abortion & let her grown sons take advantage of us. I NEED a pleasant & normal lady in my life, & I hope she will also be young & attractive! I'm still regaining weight & stamina, following three life-saving vascular surgeries, but my prognosis is excellent, due to a strong heart & excellent lungs. Some hardy Ukrainian cooking, & tender love, should accelerate my recovery! ;) I'm sooo eager to start a new, adventurous and wonderful life, with THE love of my life, which I believe I have found!!!
I'm looking for:
A pleasant, kind, bright, fun, and one-man-lady, who is also young and attractive. She should want to start a family, and help build a relationship that will last for eternity...A marriage that involves her as MY lady, me as HER man, and God as OUR guide!
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