Mysterious Ukrainian girls.Three secrets of life, from Anna.

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Hello everyone who is reading my blog. Today i want to share with you my secret of a happy, interesting, bright life. They are very simple... I have just three "Golden Rules" - they are eat well, train more and travel, travel, travel...


So more detailed about the first rule. Food - is very important for any person. As food containst energy. So your energy and how many important things you will be able to succed to do, depends on what food you are going to eat during the day. Breakfast is very important, as it is the energy for more then half of a day. And also it is very important for people who want to loose weight. It is more important to have breakfast then to have dinner. And by the way it is very important not to eat for three hours before sleep. it is better to go sleep with a little hunger. So i adhere to all this rules and that is why i'am always energetic and in a good shape. 


Sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that your appearance becomes fuzzy, blood pressure rises, your appetite disappears, the bones become fragile muscles - flabby and painful, you'll quickly get tired, mood deteriorates, often a period of depression. The most important reason that should be in sports, is the need to strengthen health, exercises performed regularly protsecc slow down aging. When you are exercising actively, oxygen falls literally into every cell of the body, so the skin is improved. Sports also promote self-confidence, increases self-esteem: you feel you can improve your health and appearance, no matter what your age or physical condition. You might want to play sports to relax or improve mood. Tests conducted by M. Carmack and R. Martens, show that people who engage in running for this very reason, get much more emotional charge of training than those who practice only because someone told them how this is useful. So if you want to live a long and happy life, start to play sports.


And, of course, also travel. This is very important. A look at ordinary things through the eyes of other nations is often the destruction paradigm. All that we have taken as the only correct answer can be refuted or updated even after passing conversation in a tram. This, the most important point! In English this quality in people called «open-minded» - an open mind. People - this is what makes our lives better. The travel you meet hundreds of new people, among which are necessarily those most «Soul Friends», with which you have a wonderful walk through life together. And it's damn nice, fly to another country and see his friend there. As Mark Twain said: "Travel is detrimental to prejudice, bigotry and limitations, which is why they so desperately need a lot."

So if you want to enjoy your life. Lead this three "Golden Rules" - and BE happy! When you will have a great desire to know more about my lifestyle and about me, CLICK HERE and we will discuss it.

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