Ukrainian girls like to have fun! The most beautiful costumes for lovers on Halloween!

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The world on the night of November 1, will be celebrating Halloween.
To protect themselves from the ghosts of the dead, the Celts dressed in animal skins, extinguished the lights in their homes and exposed on the street food - gifts of perfume. So there was a tradition, still urgent: to dress up in scary costumes and ask passers treats.
The main symbol of Halloween - the pumpkin with a burning flame inside. The history of this image is as follows: on the night of Samhain, the Celtic inhabitants of the villages gathered around the campfire, where druids conjured fire to protect people from ghosts. Then, the priests lit candles in carved pumpkins, which symbolized the end of summer and the end of the harvest, the village and handed common people. With this amulet Celts had nothing to fear an attack of ghosts.
Today, the farmers of Western countries are competing to see who will grow the biggest pumpkin for Halloween. The record belongs to the Canadian Scott Palmer of Ontario: the fruit weighed more than 650 kilograms.
To date for many people in different countries, the problem remains the eternal search for the costume. After all, nobody wants to be uninteresting and commonplace. There is here, you can see some interesting ideas for Halloween costumes for couples in love.
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