Sporty and Sexy Ukrainian woman Olga is looking for caring man

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My big greetings to everyone!
My name is Olga, my pleasure to meet you here!I would love to tell you about myself :
I call myself lady-motivation, if i'm really willing to reach something or create something i will put all my time and effort to catch my goal . One of my big passion is sport and fitness , I find myself incredibly happy working out and see changes in myself, not just in my body but in my mind . I try stay peaceful and balanced in most sad days , and in normal days i will find the way to create extremely happy mood:)
I'm very responsible and reliable and i prefer to be surrounded by same people with same way of thinking. I think the biggest gift people can give to each other is love and loyalty , so i'm looking for a partner who knows how soft woman's heart can be and he will always be loving and caring. Love is a treasure and i will dig all over the world to find it :) But maybe you, my the only one is watching and reading my profile now. please write me , i will always be happy to know you .

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