How to impress a girl on the first date

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How to impress a girl on the first date


Many of the tips in this article apply not only to the first meeting, but to all dates in general. However, on their first date, they will be especially welcome. Taking them on a note, your first meeting will be magnificent and will lead to a second no less pleasant meeting. We interviewed many Ukrainian girls and formed tips taken from the girls' personal experience of relationship.

1. Take the initiative

As on the first date as in relationship women prefer men who can be relied on, that is, pack leaders who can make decisions clearly and instantaneously.

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2. Be confident

The Ukrainian girls have a very well developed sixth sense. One of the most important qualities that Ukrainian girls value in men is self-confidence. If a man is not self-confident, a woman will definitely feel it. In this case, either she will be disappointed in him, or, if she likes him very much, will play to and go to the meeting.

3. Become a source of positive emotions

Positive emotions are the basis of communication with Ukrainian girls both at the meeting and in relationship. Women are very emotional creatures and your task is to create plenty of various positive emotions.

4. Awkward silence

Often, people try to fill a pause and start a new conversation, asking questions without stopping, which annoys absolutely all the girls. If she sees that you are silent and enjoy what is happening, she will understand that there are no reasons for excitement. This will be another proof that you are in control of the situation.

5. Take an interest in her inner world

You should not ask primitive questions about what kind of music she prefers, what films she watches and the like. After asking a few general questions, you understand what she does and what really interests her. Then ask questions and develop the topic. You will increasingly discover her inner world.

6. Do not rush things

This is the best advice for a first date. Nowadays, when everything happens very quickly, everyone is trying to get the girl to bed 20 minutes after the first cup of coffee. Let's say briefly, if you last without it for a couple of days, she will drag you into bed. Just enjoy chatting with a beautiful girl.

7. A kiss

No need to rush with a kiss. It does not have to be on the first date, especially if the girl is not ready for it, you will find yourself in a stupid situation. This happens unconsciously, and you need to be able to notice it when you want to continue the relationship.

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The main thing is not to rush, and you will feel all of this. Nevertheless, it is much more important to be a worthy man every day, and not just on a first date. Ukrainian girls cannot leave without attention such men.

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