How to understand Russian girls ? The mindset difference 

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How to understand Russian girls ? The mindset difference 



How to overcome the mindset difference?  There is no need to overcome any mindset difference. Relationships should be clear and comfortable. When choosing a partner for life, it is important to make sure that the key values ​​are the same, and everything else should be taken as differences that make the union bright and interesting. It is important to be able and willing to appreciate and respect each other. Not only in words but also in behavior. What are the key values? This is the desire to have children; whether a woman should work; attitude towards the financial resources; how, where and with whom the family will live.

Nevertheless, there are a number of nuances of mindset that many couples with Russian girls are worried about.

1. How not to establish a close connection? There are situations where for a man English (or another language) is a mother tongue and he can freely express himself, then for Russian girls this situation may be slightly uncomfortable. They may feel inferior in communication. The man speaks like an adult, and the girl tries to convey her thoughts at the level of a 5-year-old child. The main thing in this situation is not to block the desire to communicate because of your constraint. You need to give yourself and your partner the time.

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2. The most important language is the language of actions. If both have a desire to discover each other, develop together, make common plans, then the question of language or understanding of humor goes into the background. If you can not express in words - do it!

3. Silence of discontent. It often happens that people who have similar mindset do not understand each other, so what can we say about couples of different nationalities, different religions and upbringing. Never laugh at any beliefs of your partner. Try better to find out why he or she thinks so, get at the root of the question.

4. Do not question his or her taste. This is another world and another universe. Sometimes the banal inability of partners to talk to each other openly is the cause of the breakup of relationships with Russian girls.

5. Dependency relation. In situations where russian girls move to the country of their partners, some claims may arise: “I left everything for you,” “I'm completely alone here,” and so on. Men should not fall back in response, because Russian girls are just a defensive reaction. They are worried what will happen next. Calm your beloved and make her feel that she is at home. Then you will not hear any more objections.

6. Financial questions. Is there a model or is everything individually? Of course, it is individually. The main thing is to have a common denominator, and such issues should be discussed in advance and frankly.

7. The desire to comply with the norms of the new culture and mindset. Getting into the new world, we are trying to adapt to the new rules of life. Sometimes we get lost; do not understand what we want; don’t feel free to ask about what we want. Respect the traditions of your partner, but do not forget that in a pair both should be happy, if you don’t like something, softly explain it to a partner.    

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When there is a desire to discover, respect and open a partner, none of these items will become an obstacle to the development of relationships. Always try to hear a partner, thenyou will be heard and understood.

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