Valentine's Day in Ukraine

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Happy Valentine's Day smile_4


Everyone spends this day in different ways. If you rather consider yourself to be in romantic category and have already been tortured to invent something interesting for your loved ones, take a look at these ideas.

So, in which parts of Ukraine, Valentine's Day can be unforgettable with Ukrainian girls?

1. Tunnel of love, the city of Klevan, Rivne region

How do you like the idea to walk, holding hands through the winter Tunnel of love? Snow-covered trees, a few kilometers long branch line, unhurried walk and many romantic photos that will be good memory in relationship with girls since the first acquaintance.

2. The temple in the city of Sambir, Lviv region

This town has a direct relationship to the holiday. A piece of the relics of St. Valentine is stored in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Their authenticity confirms the document of the Pope of 1759. It is precisely these days that a mass pilgrimage is taking place in Sambir, both for couples and single people who ask the saint to give them love and new acquaintance.

3. Ancient Lviv is simply permeated with an atmosphere of romance with girls and also for the first acquaintance. The charm and romance of Lviv cafes and restaurants will fill your relationship with girls with the unique atmosphere of love.

4. Sophia Park, located in Uman, keeps a true love story. This place will not leave indifferent any loving heart in a relationship. After all, Sophia Park arose due to the feelings of the Polish magnate Stanislav Potocki to his wife Sofia. A walk in the fresh air among the man-made beauty of the park will surely make your trip and an acquaintance with this place unforgettable.

5. In Odessa, the southern capital of Ukraine, girls in relationship visit the “Tree of Love” in the City Garden on February 14. This three-meter tree in the shape of a heart is decorated with foliage resembling hearts and written with the word “Love” in 65 languages. Also do not miss an acquaintance with the famous “ma-in-law’s bridge”, studded with hundreds of metal locks that couples in relationship left here as a sign of eternal feelings and their acquaintance.

And what to present to your loved ones? 5 universal ideas of an ideal gift for girls and guys who want to make their relationship happy.

1. A trip to one of the romantic places. You can prepare a great surprise.

2. Tickets are one of the most popular gifts. In fact, you give an emotion and an impression. Therefore, the only rule here is to be attentive to the choice of an event!

3. Give a collection of books of your favorite author of your “half”.

4. Skating rink for two. You can rent a skating rink for a while. A great bonus is to pick the music you like the most - and go!

5. Breakfast in bed. We always do not have enough time for each other. We have a busy schedule at work, a lot of household chores ... Try to change thisand pay a little more attention. The main thing is not to prepare what you always do and what reminds of the ordinary. Let this breakfast be special.

As you can see, this day can be planned in different ways, but try to spend February the 14th so as to fall in love with each other again.

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