What professions do Russian women choose?

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What professions do Russian women choose?


“Should a woman work?” is a pretty new question. A hundred years ago, no one would have questioned the seemingly natural purpose of a woman - to be a wife and a mother. However, with the advent of the feminist movement, women rushed to conquer career tops. The ability to work has become a duty but not a privilege. However, the concept of "Vedic woman" has come into fashion now. This is a woman who, as expected, devotes herself to dating, family, and relationship, leaving the conquest of society to men. What do Russian women and girls think about this?

Women compared to men are able to do several things at once. This applies both to a specific situation and to a relationship in general. Therefore, in order to realize themselves in dating life and relationship, Russian women and girls often move in several directions at once.

Successful Russian girls want to have a dating life, be good wives, caring mothers, skilled mistresses, an attentive daughter, an interesting friend. They want to look beautiful and young as long as possible, so they try to keep up with everything. 

However, on the one hand, if she becomes very successful in her career, she is blamed for not spending much time with children. If she marries, becomes a housewife, more often she receives as a reward a bouquet of rapidly growing complexes from the fact that she, in the opinion of society, “does nothing” for a family relationship or her dating life.

So what can girls who want to realize themselves in a career and at the same time have a happy family relationship do?

Psychologists have repeatedly argued that the perception and other cognitive processes in the stronger sex and girls are different. Even though that representatives of the beautiful half of humanity all over the world are increasingly “encroaching” on the male types of work, Russian women prefer to master “female” professions. And there is a good reason.

Girls should use the resources that are given to them by nature. A more flexible mind, the ability to speak well and quickly, to compose stories on the go, the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully are in great demand in business. 

So before dating check out the top 10 professions in which Russian women take to like a duck to water:

1. A teacher

2. A doctor

3. A fitness trainer

4. A makeup artist

5. A florist

6. A secretary

7. An HR Manager

8 .A translator

9. A psychologist

10. A consultant (in various areas)

Alla, a fitness trainer: “I am lucky as my lifestyle has become my profession. For me, the secret of success is simple - you need to understand what you really want and start doing it! ”

Katerina, a teacher: “I am a happy woman who has a strong man. But for me to be feminine is not to be helpless. I think the profession of a teacher is one of the respected and complicated professions in our country. ”


Well, our survey led us to the following conclusion. A woman doesn't have to do anything to anyone, especially if it deals with work. She can be engaged in favorite business or hobby, not under duress, but only answering the call of the heart. 

Russian women and girls want to be understood and heard in relationship and dating, to bring benefit and love into this world. They do not argue that dating, family, and relationship are incredibly important to them, and motherhood is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life. However, at the same time, Russian women are so filled that they want to be realized in society, making their own small contribution to making our ordinary world just a little better and brighter!

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