How are duties distributed in Ukrainian and Russian families? The traditional way of life

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How are duties distributed in Ukrainian and Russian families? The traditional way of life


The family theme and its traditions has always been very popular and is studied by demographers, sociologists, and psychologists. They talk and discuss traditions in the Slavic family, the duties of husband and Ukrainian or Russian wife. Today, traditional marriage in Slavic countries is gradually losing its primacy, many Slavic spouses choose other forms of relations, but at the same time it is still quite popular, and soon, it is unlikely to disappear completely as a type.

So, what are the signs of traditional Ukrainian or Russian families?

First, this is primarily a man's duty to provide financially, while Ukrainian and Russian girls should maintain daily graft. If Slavic girls want to divide household duties equally, and the girls are not ready to sit at home all their lives, the patriarchy does not suit them.

Traditions and features of a traditional Ukrainian and Russian family:

- a man makes decisions alone;

- he is responsible for financial support;

- he manages the family budget;

- he cares about housing, security, and other vital factors;

- a woman is responsible for the children and housekeeping;

- she can’t choose her own business, career, study or other options for self-development;

- she has to ask permission for all purchases and her personal travels, which she plans to do without her husband;

In a patriarchal marriage, a Slavic woman’s opinion is not taken into account both on serious issues and in everyday life.

However, life dictates new rules and traditions for girls.

Many believe that traditional marriage kills the identity of Ukrainian and Russian girls and completely dissolve them in men and children. Not many modern Ukrainian and Russian girls agree to this, they also want to study, build a career and dispose of their lives on a par with men.

Most often problems in the Ukrainian or Russian marriage begin when partners have different understandings of their responsibilities towards each other and children, and also in the absence of initial agreements, which unfortunately many couples neglect, believing that somehow it will be decided in the process of living together.

Today, most often the Slavic marriage is a union of two people who love each other, who sincerely strive to make the life of their half brighter and happier. Such traditions as obligatory submission to a man are no longer necessary for survival in a society that was necessary when Slavic girls did not have any rights.

Now the family is a union of two equal people who choose what kind of family they are closer to, and pure patriarchy is extremely rare, as, indeed, a purely female primacy. Modern families combine different forms and traditions, when some issues are solved traditionally by men, others by women, and still by partners.

The next form of relations and traditions in the Slavic family is more popular. The men remain the head, but do not have authoritarian power. The girls themselves choose between career and home, and more often they know how to combine it competently.

Spouses make joint decisions in all vital issues, while under challenging situations a man always gets to the helm until the situation improves and life goes back to a measured and habitual rhythm.

Despite everything, the basis for any couple should be only love. Do not forget to compliment each other for a delicious dinner, washed dishes or a cleaned room. This will be the best motivation for all family members. Correctly distributing responsibilities, you will be surprised how much free time you have for rest, hobbies, communication with each other, and creation your own traditions.

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