The perfect romantic date in the eyes of a girl

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The perfect romantic date in the eyes of a girl



Before the first date, both the man and the woman are worried, both dream of at least one perfect romantic date. However, unfortunately, they see these romantic date ideas in different ways. How do Russian girls and ladies from Ukraine imagine an ideal romantic date?

By nature, all Russian girls and women from Ukraine are prone to romance and dream that their ideal date will be the most romantic. So, let's see what the romantic date ideas in the opinion of women are?

Natalia, 34 years old, Kiev, Ukraine

"For me, the perfect date is the one after which I want to meet again. And it's not so much about the scenery – candles, and roses, as much on the resonance that arose between people. Ideally, if they can be truly sincere. "

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Lera, Moscow, 35 years old, dreams of a romantic date with a panoramic view of the city: 

"I've been waiting so long to date ideas on the roof. That there were only us alone. And a table, champagne, roses, candles, and a couple of warm blankets. I want it to be beautiful."

Alice, 25 years old, St. Petersburg, Russia

“It's great when a guy has a sense of humor, it helps to get rid of embarrassment and shyness, you feel more relaxed. The choice of a place is out of importance. However, as one of the romantic date ideas, I would prefer a quiet place where there are not enough people or a walk. As for gifts, huge bouquets and other things, I think it is not for the first meeting with Russian girls.  Well, in general, perfect romantic date ideas for Russian girls are when people just like each other.”

Julia, 28 years old, Odessa, Ukraine

“For each girl from Ukraine, it will be different. One of the best date ideas is a date that makes your eyes sparkle. I had such one. After a year of chatting on social networks, the meeting took place in my city. We walked through the streets, listened to street musicians, drank delicious coffee, enjoyed what surrounds us, and talked. It was the best time after that a fairy tale began. Moreover, you do not need flowers or expensive gifts. The main thing is what happens between people at this moment - whether something is burning inside or not.”

Alexandra, 32 years, Lviv, Ukraine

"If you are tired not only mentally, but also physically, then there is nothing better than relaxing procedures. You can make an appointment with a loved one for a Thai massage for two. Another interesting option is spa-therapy, also designed for a couple. Bonus: not only a powerful romantic charge but also a tangible health benefit. "

So, taking into account all the date ideas above, let’s make a few tips for men.

First, clearly discuss the place where you will meet and where the meeting will be held, so that both of you can correctly choose the appropriate look. If the girl misses a bit with the outfit, pretend that you did not notice it and try to adjust your plans in accordance with her look.

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Secondly, behave naturally. Relax and just enjoy talking with Russian girls and ladies from Ukraine. If you constantly think about how people react to your words, you will look stupid.

Third, do not insist immediately on intimacy. If you expect to make a good impression on Russian girls and Ukrainian women and assume a more serious relationship, postpone physical intimacy for later.

We hope that men understand what women from Ukraine and Russian girls really want ...

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