Poltava is the city of Ukrainian beauties and historical heritage

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Poltava is the city of Ukrainian beauties and historical heritage


The desire to see the sights of Europe, America, India, China is exciting and fascinating of course. Meanwhile, there is something to see in Ukraine too. Today we will tell you what to see in one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean Ukrainian cities - Poltava. It’s with good reason that this unique place in Ukraine is known as one of the most beautiful and rich sights in Ukraine.

One of the most attractive sights for tourists is the architectural ensemble of the Round Square. When this part of Ukraine became the center of the province, it was required to create and equip the city center corresponding to the new status. The talented architect Mikhail Amvrosimov commissioned the project, and he took the designs of another Russian architect Andrei Zakharov. That's why Poltava was later called "small Petersburg".

Walking around the city with girls, tourists must climb Ivanov’s Mount. Here, as archaeological excavations testify, the history of the town begins. One of the main sights of the city is in the north-eastern part of it. In 1709 the national reserve "The Field of the Battle of Poltava" was established in memory of the victory of the Russian troops over the Swedish army.

Here, for more than 300 years, not only the landscape and the territory of the battlefield remains unchanged, but also fragments of fortifications of the early 18th century, as well as a significant number of other objects of historical value. The reserve, unique in Ukraine, is part of the International Organization of Military Historical Museums under the auspices of UNESCO.

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George, the UK:

“When I first got to this part of Ukraine, I was pleasantly amazed. I was struck by my spirit, my mood, which is formed by its people, architecture, and sights. After an hour of walking around Poltava, it became clear that you walk around the modern city. That is the settlement, which was originally designed as a city. What about local girls? They are beautiful, open to communication and easily go to contact.”

Gilberto, Italy:

“The city is green without dirty industries and factories. If you want to feel the Ukrainian flavor, wander through the beautiful quiet streets with a slow movement of cars, then you must be in Poltava!”

It is cozy and very green. This small town can be walked by foot with Ukrainian girls in just a couple of hours, and the uncomplicated architecture is full of European spirit. All activities, sights, promenades and establishments are concentrated in the central streets. There is always where to meet, tasty snack and relax with Ukrainian girls. For tasty coffee go to Lvivska kavyarnya, for burgers – to Meat Wood, and for a delicious dinner - to the restaurant "Shade" or "Bar Concrete". For fans of parties with girls, Poltava is unstable: clubs and bars appear, then suddenly disappear. Other places for leisure are also here: you can go to the theater or cinema, sometimes to concerts of your favourite bands to the club "Villa Crocodile".

On the outskirts of the city, there is a wonderful arboretum. One of the main sights of the town is the Rotunda of Friendship of Peoples (in everyday usage - White arbor). In the evening people admire the panorama of the city and listen to soulful, live music with beautiful girls.

However, among all the sights, the real local beautiful girls are considered to be the brightest in Ukraine. A good representative is Jana Solomko, the most beautiful face of Ukrainian television and Ukraine.

Well, if you have long sought a place full of Ukrainian colour, charming, beautiful girls and Ukrainian traditions, be sure to come to Poltava! Every tourist will feel the pleasant aftertaste of this city!

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