Odessa is a unique city for special people

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Odessa is a unique city for special people


Odessa is a city with amazing colour. People from different parts of Ukraine and from all over the world come to the atmosphere of wonderful courtyards, majestic architecture and gastronomic pleasure.

You easily feel even outside of Odessa that it is a special city. To do this, it is enough to tell people where they came from, and then to look at their reaction. Many people start smiling and asking to tell an anecdote, and in general, they become more open. In their understanding, it is a Ukrainian city of jokes and fun, carefree and hospitable.


Chris, 31, musician. Lives in Lisbon, Portugal

"Odessa for me is certainly one of the best places in Ukraine. This is the cultural capital of the country, which was visited and loved by famous writers and artists. I have a feeling that this Ukrainian place was created for me."

Pavel, Warsaw, Poland

"For a long time, I wanted to visit Odessa, first of all, because of its courtyards ... This Ukrainian yard is like a large apartment where everyone knows everything. People have dinner together, they curse and war, peace and go to visit each other."

Beaches of Odessa


Along the entire city coast to the outskirts is 30 km of coastline, equipped for swimming. The developed infrastructure, gentle entrance to the water, many restaurants and cafes with a panorama of the sea and entertainment programs allow you to have fun with Ukrainian girls on the beach around the clock.

The main beach of this Ukrainian city and its visiting card is the Arcadia beach. In the central part of the city there is no less famous beach Langeron, and nearby the French Boulevard is the beach of Otrada. For those who appreciate peace and seclusion with girls from Ukraine, the Dolphin beach is suitable.

There is no need to look for sights in this part of Ukraine. They are everywhere, literally on every corner. The real decoration of the city is the palaces. A real Ukrainian masterpiece is the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. The Potemkin Staircase next to it is included in the list of the most beautiful staircases in Europe. For connoisseurs of museums, there is a whole list of fascinating places: the Cinema Museum, the Anchor Museum, the Museum of Western and Oriental Art, etc.

Odessans like to eat deliciously, and they are experts in a good cuisine. No wonder this Ukrainian city is called "the most delicious city in Ukraine." Here they can prepare food perfectly and to serve it beautifully. According to many, Odessa restaurant culture is far ahead of Kiev regarding the number of interesting and new projects, gastronomic habits of citizens, the quality of products, and the creativity of approaches to the arrangement of institutions.

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Here are a few places that are worth to visit with Ukrainian girls.


"Steakhouse, Meat and Wine" (20 Deribasovskaya street). You can go here with Ukrainian girls for your "standard" steak. This means that from now on the quality of the steaks you will measure by how much it reaches this restaurant. Places with such a kitchen and such a level of service in Ukraine are a unit.

At an arm's length from Deribasovskaya, but well hidden from prying eyes in the picturesque courtyard "Palais-Royal" behind the Opera Theater, look for the restaurant-cafe Maman (18 Lanzheronovskaya Street). It's delicious and atmospheric for dates with girls from Ukraine. "Maman" prepares as simple dishes of Odessa cuisine - tender chicken cutlets, stuffed peppers, mashed potatoes, and takes recipes from the world's chefs.

What about the evening with Ukrainian girls?

There are about 10 large clubs, and all of them have outdoor areas.

The most popular places are "Ithaca" and "Ibiza." Here you will find a full range of pleasures - great sound, concert hall, karaoke, several restaurant areas and a VIP area for recreation, and of course the most beautiful Ukrainian girls. In the afternoon, clubs turn into a recreation area with swimming pools, sun loungers, sushi and cocktail bars. The prices are a little bit high, but the rhythm-carrying rhythms of good music with a view of the lunar path of the Black Sea are worth it.

Probably, you will find nowhere else in Ukraine such a wonderful combination for an unforgettable journey - the sea and the sun, wonderful beaches, original and unique culture, positive girls dear to the heart,a lot of architectural and historical monuments. Welcome to Odessa and its amazing miracles and hot girls from Ukraine!


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