Nikolaev – the City of shipbuilders and the most beautiful Ukrainian girls!

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Nikolaev – the City of shipbuilders and the most beautiful Ukrainian girls!


Although they say that pride is not the best human feeling, still if it is drawn to the homeland, such is always welcome! As it happens that Nikolaev has not attained the heroic rank and has not brought up a sense of humour, like Odessa. However, these Ukrainian people have something to be proud of. The main national strike of pride took over the local beauties. As they say, Nikolaev is a city of Ukrainian brides. Moreover, it is also noted that the most beautiful girls in Ukraine are in this Ukrainian city.

Why is it so? Historically, there were not enough Ukrainian girls the city before. Workers and shipbuilders, who arrived by order of Prince Potemkin, fled from unsettled personal life. To keep the builders of the city, the prince ordered to bring the most beautiful Ukrainian girls and women from the nearest towns and villages. After the young split into pairs, they were massively married.

The uniqueness of the city also mainly derives from its "closeness." Over its entire 220-year history, it has been "open" for only 25 years, which left its imprint on the mentality of the locals. Therefore, be prepared that communication with the people on the spot is not always easy, but if you get to know each other better, then you will see how interesting and benevolent they are.

What should you know about Nikolaev  before you go to this Ukrainian place?

There is the only shipbuilding and naval museum in Ukraine, the oldest water tower in Europe and many exciting sea attractions. In this part of Ukraine they do not rush to demolish old buildings and build new or "wear" architectural monuments in their glass and mirrors.

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Begin your walk with Ukrainian girls from the intersection of Central Avenue and Sadovaya Street, which served as the boundary between parts of the old Nikolaev : Gorodovaya and Admiralteyskaya streets. Now at the beginning of the street is a pretty cozy square of the Council of Europe. By Admiralskaya Street, you will get to the Embankment and the Fleet boulevard, from where a breathtaking view of the inner greatness of the ship-building yards, the Ingul and the South Bug, the Ingul bridge and the pedestrian bridge. It is worth to spend a whole day hiking in the Mykolayiv Zoo because it is considered one of the best in Ukraine.



Here are some tips from the locals:

- If you want to cross the road in an unpredictable road markings place – you are welcome! Here it is normal;

- Do not you dare come to Nikolaev  in a low sports car. Here it does not work, because roads are designed only for SUVs;

- Here, people eat in the old fashion, cooking in the kitchens, and not giving their stomachs to torn pizzerias, sushi bars and donuts ...

However, what foreign tourists think about the city?

Michael, UK:

"It's difficult to call it a resort town, but still you can find places to look at. First of all, this is the huge Zoo and many historical places»

Erik, Germany:

"I think that Nikolaev has a lot to grow and develop, but the property is not poor either. If you like to travel, then in any location you can find something bright and unique for your tourist biography."

After active walks with Ukrainian girls, time to have a snack. You can have lunch in the Private brewery "Henry Schulz." This is the place where you can warm your soul not only with delicious dishes but also with beer and liqueurs. After all, beer is brewed here, and not brought from somewhere barrels.

Foodies of Japanese and European cuisine will like the cozy Daily Cafe. For guests who want to visit this restaurant for the first time, we advise you to plan the route in advance, as the restaurant is located in the off street.

What are perfect places for lovers to dance with girls, sing and hang out all night with girls from Ukraine?


Caprica Night Club is a place that will help to fill life with bright colours.

Ushuaia bears energy and positive, the club is filled with an unforgettable and bright stream of emotions. This is the only club in Mykolaiv, which works in beach format.

ROOM 59 is a modern space, always filled with interesting events and quality music.

In addition, travellers who plan to stay in the city for a few days should rent a car for a trip to the suburbs. In Nikolaev  region, there are many picturesque, unique corners, which are considered to be natural "pearls" of Ukraine.

Well, one can definitely say that Nikolaev is a beautiful Ukrainian southern city with wonderful landscapes, original architectural style, an abundance of historical monuments and the most beautiful girls in Ukraine!

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