Lviv is the center of Ukrainian culture and charming girls

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Lviv is the center of Ukrainian culture and charming girls


The most talented and beautiful children are born from mixed marriages. Lviv is such a child. It survived many authorities. The city of Ukraine opened its gates to people of different nationalities, taking good and sifting out bad things.


Recently, this place in Ukraine receives with an enviable regularity the status of "best city for travel" or "visit first." There is a large number of architectural monuments from all other Ukrainian cities. All of them are protected. Besides, very few people know that in XIII this city was a gift of King Daniel of Galich to his son Leo.Without waxing too poetic, we can say that any building in this Ukrainian historical center is unique in its architecture and history. A significant part of ancient buildings of Ukraine has been preserved here. For example, the Opera House was built in the late 19th century in the vein of the Viennese pseudo-renaissance. The Potocki Palace in Ukraine was built in 1880 on the site of a manor house belonging to the Polish Potocki clan.

But first of all, Lviv is not some architecture, memorable places, or sights. The city is people who live here.

Rick, England: "In Ukraine I found the best friends! I really love Lviv. I think that the most well-intentioned people in the whole world are here. The city is like from a fairy tale, it has beautiful buildings, amazing food in restaurants, lots of art, and of course, gorgeous Ukrainian girls. People seem to be very proud of their traditions and heritage, which is so different from England."

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One of German girls Iris has been living here for four years and on behalf of the German government helps to restore this city of Ukraine. "My colleagues look on me with admiring envy: there is an individual charm in Lviv, there is something that other European cities have lost."

Not every city of Ukraine has so many restaurants with a unique color. Almost every local place is a creative space. That is why the restaurants are known far beyond the city, and after visiting, they are discussed as a performance, a film or an exhibition.

The popular restaurant "Arsenal. Ribs and spirits", where you can go with Ukrainian girls, is located in the building of the famous “Museum of Arms." It is a place with the old interior, samples of spears and axes, rough wooden furniture. Be ready for the fact that the dishes will be eaten with fingers as cutlery is banned here!

Another place "Grushevsky cinema & jazz" is more than a restaurant for special men and girls. It is a creative center with daily instrumental improvisations, film screenings, live concerts, an exhibition of photographs, paintings, and retro movie posters.

There is a place for lovers of extravagant sensations. In “Masosh-café” walls are decorated with attributes for masochists: leather lashes, ropes, handcuffs, and chains (which visitors can experience on themselves). The staff and girls are dressed in appropriate leather masochistic outfits.

However, the main thing that should be learned from the locals is the ability to get pleasure from food. During the meal, everything is important: taste, aroma, atmosphere, company. And even the drinks that accompany it.

Ukrainian people say about their favorite drink "Who drinks Lviv beer, will live for a hundred years". Brewing beer began in this place of Ukraine in the 15th century. Today the people do not cease to be proud and daily enjoy this wonderful drink in numerous cafes where they often brew their own original beer.

Romantic walks through the evening Lviv with beautiful Ukrainian girls are one of the essential points in the program. No-one can be left half-hearted looking at the buildings glittering with lights in the historical part of the city. When the cafes fall asleep, Lviv's nightlife awakens. Here you can choose all kind entertainment to yourself as dance, sing in karaoke, nightclub or all at once with amusing Ukrainian girls!

There are some expensive places like "Millenium," "Fashion Club," "Rafinad People," "Zanzibar" but the young boys and girls hang out here: "Metro," "Atmosphere," "Leroy."

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So, it can be unequivocally asserted that Ukrainian Lviv is a city of travelers. Everyone will find here something special: a favorite place, a coffee shop, the most delicious coffee in Ukraine, its sun and rain, inspiration and his or her happiness...

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