UEFA 2018 in Kyiv is welcoming you! 

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UEFA 2018 in Kyiv is welcoming you! 


UEFA 2018 is one of the most waiting and definitely one of the biggest upcoming event this year. UEFA 2018 is one of six continental confederation FIFA. Moreover, UEFA a very powerful and affluent represented the national football associations of Europe. 

UEFA 2018 is holding place in Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine. 

Ukraine is famous for its hospitality and sightseeing. Kyiv city is not an option. Ukraine has great experience in organizing big events before UEFA 2018. For example, final match of Euro 2012 was held in Kyiv as well as Eurovision 2017 and 2005. 

Generally, prices in Ukraine and Kyiv as well are not that high even in the period of UEFA. 

*An average receipt in the restaurant takes approximately 100 EUR for two persons with food and drinks. *In the café you might pay a bit less – 15 EUR. 

*An average pay for taxi drive around the city –  10 EUR. 

*Metro ticket costs 0.16 EUR. 

* An average receipt for the excursion in Kyiv is 30 EUR.  

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We have made up our list of top ten sightseeing in Kyiv, Ukraine worth visiting! 

1. Independence Square 

 You can find the square between the most popular streets where 2014 Ukrainians revolution took place. 

2. Andriivskiy Descent 

Andriivskiy Descent is the picturesque street, which was the oldest route connecting important trade areas. Walking along this sightseeing, you can plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity, comfort and unusual history. Your attention will be presented with delightful architectural masterpieces, legendary alleys and squares, as well as such sightseeing as the Bulgakov Museum. 

3. Motherland 

It is pompous monument of a woman with knight in her hands which represents Great Patriotic War.  

4. Pirogovo 

Here you can see a typical life of the Ukrainian village dating back to the 17th century. 

5. Mykolaivsky Church 

 Sightseeing is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to St. Nicholas. The House of Chamber and Organ Music has been housed in its building since 1980. 

6. Arch of Nations Friendship 

Sightseeing is an amazing architectural creation that is built in honor of the reunification of Russia and Ukraine. A monument looks like a huge arch that has the form of a rainbow.  

7. The Mariinsky Palace 

Sightseeing is located by the Dnipro river and amazes with its luxury.   

8. Golden Gate 

 Since the reign of Yaroslav the Wise, the architectural and historical monument, the Golden Gate, has been beautifully preserved. Currently in the building of the Golden Gate there is an interesting museum exposition.  

9. St. Sophia Cathedral 

The amazing St. Sophia Cathedral will be the best place for religious and historical monuments lovers. Visiting the temple, you will see a large number of ancient frescoes, unique mosaic images, among which the legendary mosaic called Our Lady of Oranta.  

10. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra 

 Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra it is a grandiose architectural, historical and religious monument of Kiev. It is the oldest monastery of Rus, built in 1051. The attraction is known for its amazing temples and churches, mysterious caves with relics of saints, picturesque towers and other valuable buildings.  

Many tourists are in love with Ukraine and they come back once they have travelled to this country.  

Football fans cannot wait to watch the final match of the UEFA 2018 in Kyiv. And our beautiful country Ukraine is ready to host guests.  

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