How to become an ideal lover: Top 10 tips from Ukrainian girls

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How to become an ideal lover: Top 10 tips from Ukrainian girls


All Ukrainian women pass everything through the heart and head. You can’t predict their tastes, addictions, fantasies, and moods. However, several moments in sex surely will please almost all Ukrainian hot sexy girls. Start from this and study further your chosen one. Today we will turn to men. So what do real lovers do in the opinion of and Ukrainian hot sexy girls? 

1) Personal hygiene activities

Scientists say that women fall in love first with a smell, and then with everything else. However, this aroma can hardly be grasped for the receptors of smell and is perceived rather at the level of the subconscious. Can you imagine an ideal lover untidy, with a bad smell from his mouth and aching teeth? Of course not.

2) Frequent change of positions 

"Fight routine and monotony in sex!" - Men's magazines and filmmakers for adults say in unison. However, you will agree that if you were first turned, after two minutes turned again, and after three minutes put upside down, it becomes extremely hard to focus on pleasant sensations. Ukrainian hot sexy girls advise to follow the feelings, not the technique.

3) Long foreplay

On the one hand, this is true. To turn on Ukrainian hot sexy girls (especially after a hard day at work), it takes time, patience, honey and hug in unlimited quantities. However, it is important to know when enough is enough. You can relax in the jacuzzi with sea salt after, but for now - just do it!

4) Matrimonial: a classical position 

Ukrainian sexy girls have the opportunity to look into your eyes during sex and kiss. Both can lead to extreme excitement. It is proved that women can experience orgasm from one kiss.

 5) Do not be silent

It is better not to talk about the achievements of modern nuclear physics or the principles of the operation of super-power engines, but few words in bed will not be superfluous. Just a couple of pleasant words whispered soulfully, acts exciting on almost all the hot Ukrainian sexy girls and women during sex.

6)  Amateurish imitation in sex

A bed is not the best place for theater productions. Let the women know their body and their desires, enjoy the love game.

7) Have safe seх

This is what you need both. Ukrainian women will appreciate the safety if the man also understands and uses it in practice.

8) Size is not important for good sex!

The ideal man realizes that his charm lies in his sincere relationship with a woman, and not in how large his main body organ is.

9) Do not be offended by failure

A bad lover in response to "I'm not ready for sex" necessarily either arrange a scene with the accusation or leave the Ukrainian sexy girls. Women do not listen to his complaints, because all the same, the pleasure with such a man is impossible.

10) The most important begins at the end of sex

For a woman, everything is just beginning after an orgasm. The most important is how you behave now. Embrace your beloved, whisper something in her ear, kiss. This will be the best evidence of your feelings towards her. Remember that hot and sexy girls are cooling down slowly, as well as warming up...

The top most erogenous zones of sexy girls and hot women


Usually, during the foreplay and sex, the partners concentrate on the most famous erogenous zones: a neck, chest, lips, genital area. However, the body keeps many secrets, among which there are little-known, but no less effective.

1) Legs

 Feet and fingers are highly sensitive and their stimulation can bring a lot of pleasure.

2) Back

Back massage, which has a relaxing effect, is the right way to bring hot women into a state of excitement.


For some women, a belly is so erogenous that caressing it, a woman can experience an orgasm.


Someone likes spanking and squeezing, and someone likes gentle touch. 

5)Knees and elbows

The inside of these parts is quite sensitive.


Making a romantic evening with a partner, use this zone. Be gentle and affable with her, surround her with a pleasant atmosphere.

Make it clear to your woman that she is loved, desired and the best for you. If sex took place at night, then do not forget about her existence in the morning: it is enough kiss or good morning's wishes, and she will look forward to the evening with impatience.

Dating with Ukrainian and Russian Women 


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