What do women desire? Learn more about Ukrainian ladies and Russian girls!

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What do women desire? Learn more about Ukrainian ladies and Russian girls!


At least once in life after a dating, every man wonders the question “What do women want?” All ladies or brides like hinting; talking round corners; being offended at the pure garbage, understandable only to them; thinking up the names of your children, and imaginatively book a room in the most expensive hotel in the Maldives, where your wedding trip will take place.

Yes, Ukrainian women and Russian brides are complex creatures. However, all the same, you can understand psychology of real ladies and potential brides, to predict their desires during the dating and the whole life. Let's take a closer look at the answers of Ukrainian women and Russian girls provided during the survey.


Number 1. Reliability

What attracts real ladies first after the dating? Pumped press? A six-figure bank account? Do ladies need a tall, handsome man on a white horse? No, no and no. The first of the qualities that Ukrainian women and Russian girls need is extremely simple: reliability.

Where it comes to dating and marriage, the meaning of reliability is this: you are exactly who you say you are, and your words do not differ from the case. Such notions as trust, the absence of attempts to appear not as who you are, and responsibility are coming to the forefront. Remember: all brides ask themselves every minute: "Is he reliable? Will he support me? Can he be trusted? "

Number 2. Emotional communication

Reliability at the dating and later is built through an emotional connection between men and brides. A woman needs a man who will be with her when she needs it, who is willing to take an interest in her and take care of her. Ukrainian women and Russian girls want to be respected, listened to and made contact with them.

Number 3. Give your woman undivided attention.

This means: if she wants to talk to you, take your mind off the computer game, put aside your mobile phone and show how important she is to you and what she says to you.

Number 4. Compliments

You, as a man, may think that it's funny - to give jokes about the donuts eaten by her at the dating or the size of her thighs. And you know what? There is nothing funny. For every statement that detracts her dignity, you will have to pay hundreds of compliments. During the dating nothing hurts ladies deeper than criticism of the way ladies look. The man of dreams of Ukrainian women and Russian girls does not allow this never.


If the conflict erupted in a marriage or during a dating, Ukrainian women and Russian girls want only one thing: to be listened to. Their task is to make it so that the partner understands them better. On the other hand, how do men react to criticism? They perceive it as personal attacks and they are ready to repel the attack. In this case, take a timeout. It is needed to say something like this: "You know what, right now I am not ready to listen to you. I'll be back in half an hour, and we'll discuss it calm."

Number 5. Dreams

Ladies and brides too often sacrifice their dreams for the sake of family and relationships. Because, in our society, women's dreams are not given the proper value, especially if they are not related to the role of a wife or mother. However, the dreams of any person are important. Your dreams are important. And her, too.

In conclusion, it should be said that any man wants to be close to the woman who is happy and full of love for life. If you do not know what Ukrainian women and Russian girls dream about, then just ask. After that, you must be ready to move the mountains, if necessary, but help her fulfill her aspirations. This is what all Russian girls and Ukrainian women really want!



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You need to live in order for your joint dreams to become a reality!smile_33


1 point - accurately! Only reliability!

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