March 8: how is International Women's Day celebratedin Russia and Ukraine?

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March 8: how is International Women's Day celebratedin Russia and Ukraine?


This women’s holiday is a unique day. This is not a birthday, which makes us older and not Valentine's Day when those who did not find their second half feel with a special emphasis on their loneliness. The International Women's Day obviously does not have any shortcomings: it does not matter how old the woman is, what is her status, the profession, the religion; or who she is: the mother, the wife or just the loved girl, or maybe the girl that is still waiting to meet the one she dreamed about all life. In any case, this is a women’s holiday for all ladies of Ukraine and Russia! The most unexpectedly pleasant surprises can happen on this women’s holiday.

It's hard to say when exactly the turning point occurred in the traditions of celebrating March 8, but now few will remember that once this day symbolized the protection of women's rights. Now it is not the struggle for rights, but for women's beauty and motherhood. Hence, the all-too-common tulips, and sweets, and other attributes of the women's holiday have arisen. So, what are the top things without which any girl from Ukraine or Russia cannot imagine March 8? Here they are!  


March 8 cannot exist without flowers! It is not even courtesies, but a kind of unwritten law. Special freshness, tenderness, feelings are hidden in spring flowers: mimosa, tulips, freesia, hyacinths. It is a part of traditions. Everyone is tired of the long winter, and bright bouquets will help to feel all the joy of this spring woman holiday and create a festive atmosphere.


The gift for March 8 is very important for beauties from Russia and Ukraine, so do not save energy and imagination to make your present to your beloved girl, mother, grandmother, daughter, or girlfriend a gift that will fully embody and convey the full force of your love and boundless tenderness. Order a portrait from the artist, organize a professional photo session, pick up a weekend tour... However, we don't have to tell you what can please a person who is dear to you.


Girls from Russia and Ukraine adore delicacies! A box of chocolates, cakes, presented on March 8 are traditions. This pleases women and even makes them forget about diets,unlimitedly enjoy life, spring and the women’s holiday. Of course, what can be nicer than a festive cake cooked by own hands! And how much heart the man puts in his culinary creation - it's not a trifle, after all!


Perhaps this is the most expensive thing that men can pay for attention, warmth, love, and devotion. It's not at all difficult and even pleasant to take some of their daily worries on the women’s holiday…

Do not stay under lock and key

March 8 is an excellent occasion to enjoy the first spring rays of the sun. Do not sit at home on this day. Go with your darling for a walk in the park, go to the cinema or have supper in a cozy cafe. If possible, go to another city. We assure you, your beloved will appreciate such a way out after a long winter!

Nice words

No reason is needed for sincerity. In this case, your declamatory skills and talent for eloquence do not matter. So just talk, make compliments, do not skimp on kind words of wishes. The heart will tell what to say at the right time 

Little surprise

Congratulate your beloved ladies from Ukraine and Russiain the morning. Don’t lose time! Now the flowers are presented, gifts are given, wishes are expressed ... And what if something is left for later? After all, on the cusp of the women's holiday, you can hide a real surprise. Even if it is just small things.

Well, you have learned without what traditions this women’s holiday cannot do either in Ukraine or in Russia. And the scenario and traditions of further celebration let be entrusted to your intuition and the mood of your beloved women. Improvise and fantasize more. Finally, all women are agreed with one thing - on March 8 they want to relax and feel that this day is different from Cinderella's everyday life. It is in your hands provide your princess with dancing at the ball, even if you are a very modest prince.


do not need to look for an occasion for gifts, they can be given any other day!  


I spend this holiday exclusively with my family. This is my tradition.  


this day is one of the important events. It is on this day that we see what men can do for us)smile_15


smile_15this is the 8th of March I met in Paris! What could be better?


I always get a lot of sweets on this day, so I'm so sweet. hahasmile_28


Good blogsmile_12


smile_34Tips for our men! Very good !


smile_32flowers, flowers,  moooooooore  flowers!


 great examples!  

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