Do Russian girls forgive the breach of faith? Heart-to-heart with Russian ladies

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Do Russian girls forgive the breach of faith? Heart-to-heart with Russian ladies

"You can seduce a man who has a wife; you can seduce a man whose mistress, but you can not seduce a man who has a beloved woman!" - Omar Khayyam

Treason is often considered as the main reason for divorce and termination of a relationship, or dating. Although some Russian girls note that this is not the worst thing in a relationship and dating. Those who survived the betrayal of marriage said that  the honesty of the partner helped to save the relationship.

More than a third of people who are married or dating experienced treason at some point in his or her life. According to statistics, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can accept one-time betrayal in relationship or dating. However, it also became known that if a number of treasons reaches three times, six out of ten Russian girls will inevitably break up the relationship or dating and will not forgive their partner. What do Russian girls really think about treason? Are these women ready to overcome any obstacles with their men? Let's look at the results of our survey.

Irina, 25 years old

"I would not forgive my husband for adultery, especially if it is multiple. Moreover, I do not understand women who forgive their men. Maybe someone likes when a man steps on her, but in my opinion, a respectful and loving woman will not tolerate this. "

Helen, 36 years old

"I can say for sure that there are much worse things than treason. Women put up with this, appreciating the man for other virtues, which the "faithful man" maybe does not have. "

Alla, 30 years old

"I do not justify those who cheat on but I can not say that it is much better where an honest man is a freeloader, when he is loyal but a coward, or faithful, but greedy, wicked, stupid, does not like children, lazy, etc. Of course, the ideal option is when a loyal man is handsome, noble, and perfect by all means! But as it is known there are no perfect people. And if all women were so critical, they would be ... alone... "

Julia, 27 years old 

"Do not demand Russian girls to be loyal, if you have ceased to appreciate their as a women! Russian girls love and keep loyalty to those men who could conquer not only her body but her soul. The body is the least that a woman can give. The dream of any woman is to open her soul to a worthy man..."

Tatiana, 23 years old

"When women feel sincerity in relationship with men, when they feel love while dating, when they feel faithful and genuine caress, they are ready to be the first, the best and the most indispensable for such men! Is this attitude more valuable than passing pleasure from treason?

Natalia, 42 years old

"I can say with confidence that honesty and loyalty are very expensive gifts, do not expect that someone will give you them just like that. Fealty is such a rarity and such a value for the reason that it is not a natural feeling. To be true is the decision of a strong person. People who love only one person throughout their life are the strongest, because they do not need diversity, to understand that their choice is the most correct and the best!"

Well, there are many reasons and circumstances of male betrayals. Can you find an excuse for treason? Million. Forgive?Maybe. But none of the women was sure of the answer that they would be able to forgive treason. Of course, you can forgive a loved and loving person everything; a loved one - almost everything but someone who truly love will never hurt.

Keep your loyalty to yourself - your ideas and goals, your friends, your loved ones, and you will see how the world around you will change!

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very interesting article is about what to think aboutflushed


Men do not understand us! They are from another planet!smile_28  


it's better to be lonely than with a man who's lying to you!


Any self-respecting woman will never forgive this low deed!


I do not understand how you can change your beloved wife?


In relationships, the most important thing is honesty!


The most terrible thing that can be in a relationship is treason!


would never forgive!angry


Nice blogsmile_38

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