Perfect sex in the eyes of Ukrainian women. The answers of hot girls to provocative questions

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Perfect sex in the eyes of Ukrainian women. The answers of hot girls to provocative questions

This issue torments not the first millennium the male part of the population. One manages to solve it, the other, sadly, no. Whatever you say, but the answer to this question should be given by Ukrainian women. Any woman has her own special desires and fantasies. Often they are vague and diverse, but whatever one may say, they have some similar outlines. Let's try together to understand the peculiarities of sexual relationship and basic female desires through the eyes of Ukrainian women and hot girls. Men have got used to thinking that they know exactly what ideal sex should be, but you can get a completely different picture if you try to answer the same question from viewpoint of hot girls from Ukraine.

Maria, 29 years old

"We love men who caress our palms and hold us by the hand during a loving act. There is something very personal in the palms, gentle, and unearthly. During sexual relationship, we often neglect the palms of the partner, paying attention to other, more excitable parts of the body. But when we touch each other, we should not forget about the palms. Touching hands is moments of closeness. I really like it when a man touches my hands during sex, kisses them, cuddles up to them, caresses them, squeezes them. I can immerse myself in my own desire world, and the man in his own. But when he touches my hands, he seems to say: "I'm here, my darling, I'm with you, I love you…"

Alla, 36 years old

"Intimacy should be relevant in time. It is very important for me to ignore all problems and experiences. I can enjoy sex only fully liberated, so pestering and harassing, which through the eyes of a man helps to relax, often cause only irritation. I love when a romantic dinner, a pleasant surprise, and a comfortable evening together with your beloved man precede ideal sex!"

Dasha, 25 years old

"I believe that most of the hot girls agree that we love persistent and stubborn guys. A woman can say at least a hundred times to a partner "No!" But at which point, she wants more intimacy than him. This is the whole feminine essence: Ukrainian women love when men fight for them and constantly get them."

Anna, 22 years old

"I really like affection and tenderness. Pleasant sexual relationship in the eyes of Ukrainian women implies not only the act itself. For all hot girls without exception, the emotional component of the process is important. It is important for any woman to hear compliments to her, feel her partner breathe the scents of her skin and get pleasure from it!"

Eugenia, 33 years old

“I like to feel the embrace of my man. For Ukrainian women, hugs are sexual activity. It is a form of intimacy that, if used correctly, will necessarily lead to sexual relationship. Unfortunately, most men underestimate embraces, treating them as a neutral form of communication. Guys, you are making a cruel mistake! Hugging is a wonderful form of foreplay. Why do you think Ukrainian women so often ask you to embrace them? Men can only hear the refusal of sex in such a request, although, in fact, the woman says to them: "Maybe I want it, or maybe not - let'scanoodle and find out.” These hot girls feel safe and protected in man’s arms. Ukrainian women like to feel intimacy, regardless of whether they want sexual relationship or not. Of course, hugs are pushing for sex! Try to hug your partner more often, and you will be amazed at how sexy this simple touch is." 

Well, perfect sex may vary for hot girls. However, remember that the source of true passion is always the heart, not the body. The heart is an invisible realm, where all feelings begin. The ocean of passion remains calm until it is awakened by the only thing that can cause genuine passion. And this is the only thing - not affection and not touch, but only the love of a loved one.

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sex is the foundation of relationships


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good sex is the key to a good relationship!smile_2


relationship without sex, this is not a relationship!


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