The stance of Slavic girls on a civil marriage. 

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What do Ukrainian girls and Russian women really think about this?


In recent years, there has been a trend towards the popularity of so-called "civil marriages." In increasing frequency you can hear about the fact that the institution of marriage becomes rendered moot, and that an open relationship supposedly is much better, more honestly, and stronger, wheremen and Slavic girls are not liable to each other and are free from any mutual obligations. Supporters of "civil marriage" insist that in an open relationship, men and Slavic girls have the opportunity first to get to know each other after dating, to test their sexual compatibility, to finally decide whether they should marry.

At first glance, the arguments seem very convincing. Butthe correctness of any theory, as is known, is verified only in practice. Therefore, we decided to learn firsthand how Ukrainian girls and Russian women treat such kind of marriage after dating.

Olga, 31 years old

"After dating all men want Slavic girls to be proud of them, adore and almost worship them. On the other hand, during a dating, all Ukrainian girls and Russian women dream about defenders who will always be close to our children and us so that we do not have to constantly look for new men. Ukrainian girls and Russian women want to have not just a bed partner, buta husband - a strong, loyal, constant, who is girl’s rock. And we want our children would have a loving father who will not desert them."

Alina, 25 years old

“However hard you may try, a lawful wife always has priority. When I got married, I noticed that when I got the status of a lawful wife, the attitude of others around me changed, including Ukrainian girls and Russian women. They treated me with great respect, and I began to feel much more confident and to trust my husband more. "

Natalia, 23 years old

"After dating men and Slavic girls enter into legal marriage because they love each other and want to live with each other for the rest of their lives. When a man and a woman stand at the altar and swear allegiance to each other. This confidence gives them a chance that it will be so. However, it is quite another matter, if one of the partners is categorically against legalizing relations, then he or she is not sure either in the partner or in his/her feelings. When there are doubts and mutual distrust on a stage of the dating, then what kind of future can this relationship have?"

Alexandra, 33 years old

"I'm not against civil marriage, and I consider this sort of a test of the reliability of men for Slavic girls. A feature of the actual marriage for a man is that he has the illusion of freedom. You will have a great opportunity to assess how much your beloved is ready to take advantage of this notorious freedomwhile dating. Would he allege at every quarrel that he is a free man and does not owe anything to anyone? So, you shouldagree, it is an important factor of the relationship on the dating stage."

Anastasia, 29 years old

"For real Ukrainian girls and Russian women, this is unacceptable. As life shows, a man can make checking a relationship with one woman in a civil marriage during ten years, but marry another one six months after dating. Civil marriage is always a subconscious unwillingness to enter into a serious relationship with Slavic girls."

Well, most of the interviewed Ukrainian girls and Russian women are of the opinion that official marriage is a necessary condition for family happiness, but not its guarantee! Only if men and Slavic girls love and respect each other and both are willing to sacrifice their selfishness for the sake of the family's interests, they have a chance to create a strong, friendly and happy family! In any case, at the stage of dating a true man should show honesty and openness towards Slavic girls. If he really is not ready to marry, he should explain to Slavic girls his feelings and doubts. However, real and sincere feelings will always find a way to development and happiness.

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Much depends on the man. Of course a marriage for him is something terrible!smile_18


Marriage? what it is ? Oh, when will my prince on a white horse? smile_21


Good blog) The article is very interesting! smile_14


marriage is not the most important thing! the main thing that you were happy togethersmile_8


Marriage is responsibility! But not every man takes responsibility for himself.


smile_4we want happiness and be loved

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