New Year's holidays. What kind of the traditions do Ukrainian ladies hold to?

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New Year's holidays. What kind of the traditions do Ukrainian ladies hold to?



The most magical and most amazing days are coming… when every grown man is able to return to childhood at least briefly. Many of the houses of women are already decorated with Christmas trees. Some women have prepared a list of gifts, but the most nimble have already put it in a secluded place. What traditions are followed in Ukraine, and in particular in Kiev? What should any foreign guest know about the Ukrainian celebration?

First of all, do not be surprised that traditionally, holidays last almost 10 days! After all, in many European countries, the New Year is not even a day off.

What to do on New Year's Eve with Ukrainian ladies?In general, this is an absolutely traditional holiday: with the President's speech from Kiev and family dinner. There is a kind of unity with the country, with its past, with its customs in the air. In our opinion, this makes the New Year in Ukraine and Kiev so solemn. On New Year's Eve in Kiev no one is hiding at home: people go out on the streets, congratulate each other, and get acquainted. And Ukrainian ladies are especially impressive when they walk the streets in snow-shimmering fur coats, drink champagne from plastic cups, and sincerely congratulate those around on holiday.

Festive table. Ukrainian feast is not an easy test for people from other countries. Kiev women and all Ukrainian ladiesgenerously set the solemn table, if only to the coming year is generous to the owners of the house in the same way.

Wishes that come true. Ukrainian ladies and Kiev women like to pay special attention to the process of making a wish. Among the traditions, there is a custom to write on a scrap of paper a desire at the moment of the peal of bells, which you must burn quickly, pour the ashes in a glass filled with wine or champagne, and drink in one gulp. Ukrainian ladies and women believe that the wish, made in this way, will come true without peradventure.

Spring-cleaning. Another indispensable attribute of the traditions of the New Year's holiday is cleaning, but not a simple one; after it, all must shining, and the slightest chance for dust in the house wasn't supposed to. All Ukrainian ladies and Кievwomen are convinced that the new year cannot be met in an unhomed house.

Traditions for Christmas. If you go to any village near Kiev with Kiev women, you will find out what the real Christmas is. It is customary to go to near-by houses singing Christmas carols in the morning at Christmas. There are also such traditions: as soon as midnight comes around from 6 to 7 January, it is necessary to open the windows and doors so that Christmas enters the house.

Ukrainian ladies and women cook 12 dishes, and in the evening the whole family gathers for supper to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The most interesting traditions are fortune-telling!

The most blessed time for fortune-telling is Generous evening (January 06) or Old New Year. It is believed that on the night of 13 to 14 January the results of the divination will be the most truthful.

Ukrainian ladies are eagerly waiting for this as they can learn everything about their intended. For example, to find out the name of a future husband, it's just enough to go out and ask to name the first man to meet his name. Another way - to put under the pillow sheets of paper with male names, and in the morning "choose" the beloved. According to tradition, Kiev women believe that a man who they see in in the arms of Morpheus on the night of January 14 is Mr. Right. 

There are many interesting and fascinating traditions, about which Ukrainian ladies can tell you. However, the most important thing to remember about Ukrainian traditions is enjoying New Year's impressions, sincere and open miracles! What is against the traditions is to let the New Year party go by itself and not use your chance, which is given only once a year! If you still dream of finding your love - it's time to make a wish!


New Year, it's wonders, Santa Claus, Christmas tree .. I love the new year!


For me, this is the most important holiday)smile_15


I always buy a real Christmas tree! This gives a special atmospheresmile_27


smile_12Magic time is New Year's Eve.


The most favorite is to decorate the house !! Especially the Christmas tree!smile_27


My favorite holiday! 

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