The most common stereotypes about Russian and Ukrainian women. What is true, but where is the myth

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The most common stereotypes about Russian and Ukrainian women. What is true, but where is the myth?



About any nation and any state in the world, there are preconceived notions. Most people believe in them. But there are those who do not take them seriously. There are a lot of clichés about Russian and Ukrainian women. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for a man to build a truthful attitude when it comes to Ukrainian and Russian women. In this post, you finally find out what is true, and what is a perverted fiction. So the 10 most common myths about Slavic ladies.

1. Ukrainian and Russian women are the most beautiful 

This is the undeniable truth. Slavic girls have always differed not only in beauty but also in wisdom and perseverance. 

2. Dutifulness, coddling and family 

Many men note that local women do not pay attention to their husbands, reject them, are always complain about everything. Therefore, they dream of Ukrainian and Russian women: in Europe, there is a belief that they are more amenable and are more family-friendly than Europeans. 

3. Ukrainian and Russian women prefer the patriarchal family 

The results of the research show that the values of the traditional family were largely saved: the man is the household head, the woman is given the role of the mother, and she cares of the house and family. However, modern Ukrainian and Russian women sometimes move away from such a model and are very willing to accept equality and partnership in the family. 

4. Ukrainian and Russian women always want to feed a man 

Since childhood, Slavic ladies learn that the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach. Therefore, rare Russian or Ukrainian women do not know how to cook. On the contrary, praise for a delicious dinner is the best compliment for them! 

5. They always shoe high heels 

This is another stereotype about Russian and Ukrainian women. To present themselves they sometimes do not know the measures. Yes, heels are a necessary part of the wardrobe of any Slavic girl. But still, they imagine the appropriateness of their look and have an excellent style. 

6. These ladies conquer by their femininity 

We would find difficulty to quarrel with this statement. A foreign man is so done with female compatriots in all fields, including his personal life. He wants to take care of a woman, to give her support. And this feeling he can find with Slavic beauties. 

7. Russian and Ukrainian women are more cunning than you

While you think whether you are in love with her or not, she is arranging your happy life in practice. Most of Russian and Ukrainian women knows115 ways to make so that the man could not live without her. 

8. Russian and Ukrainian women are unhappy in their country 

This is certainly just a myth. Most Slavic beauties are actively learning the world and are ready for new experiences, travels, and discoveries. But they all love their homeland, and often a change of scenery can be a difficult moral decision. 

9. Russian and Ukrainian women hunt for a foreign husband purposefully 

Things do happen. There are among Ukrainian and Russian women "hunters for a rich husband," but the better part of girls marrying a foreigner, do not receive any special benefits. Just the relationship in such a family is somewhat different than in purely Slavic or purely foreign one. 

10. Fake smiles

A lot has been said about that Russian and Ukrainian women do not smile. They smile, you bet! But emotions of Ukrainian and Russian women are deeper, and they do not waste them on insincere smiles to strangers. 

As you can see, it is not always worthwhile to trust public opinion. It is much better and more fun to get acquainted with real Ukrainian and Russian women and draw your conclusions. Perhaps you have other stereotypes, you can write about them in the comments, and we will gladly reveal the answers in the following posts.


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