Russian women in St. Petersburg

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This city of bridges and fountains has one amazing feature - everyone loves it. This city is a dream city for romantic dating. Despite the 21st century outside, when you come to this city, you seem to be immersed in the 18th century. It fascinates with its architecture of houses and streets. And true Petersburgers can tell you a hundred of urban legends which roots are lost in the depths of centuries.

Features of Russian girls of the cultural capital

There is an opinion that every city has its special women. So what are there any common features that you can proudly say that this girl is from Petersburg? Let's try to learn more about the mannerism of girls from Russia who live in the northern capital of the country.

1. Petersburg style is elegance, rationality, intellectuality.Petersburg is a special city with its color and a fantastic aura. Everything that surrounds us affects us, so women from St. Petersburg have a slightly more delicate taste. These Russian girls do not like harsh combinations, insane outrageous and vibrant colors. The fashion of Petersburg Russian girls is intelligent. They prefer complex combinations, interesting silhouette solutions, and, of course, elegant accessories.

2. Naturalness as a trend. When dating with ladies in this city, you undoubtedly pay attention to the fact that most Russian girls have a sense of proportion, they like to look natural and do not seek "beauty." In these latter days, many Petersburg women refuse to use makeup and do not color their hair. This is a very topical trend along with vegetarianism and unisex clothing.

3. Being friends after love is the way the things are donehere. The city is small, everyone knows each other, so women build relationships and dating carefully. Many women from St. Petersburg believe that if you were close and have parted on good terms, then you have much more reasons for friendship than some friends from work. These Russian girls build dating and relationships more longsighted.

4. Single Russian girls are in their own right.

The complexity of relations and dating with St. Petersburg women is that they give too much freedom to men in matters of interpretation of their female desires. A rare man at the Russian dating with a native Petersburger can guess her true thoughts.

5. Sexuality. It is believed that St. Petersburg women are much more relaxed than other Russian girls. At dating, they often breach the conventional norms of archaic public morality. Moreover, aristocratic education has absolutely nothing to do with it: it just manifests itself in the impossibility of getting a woman into bed for the money. The women accept sex on equal terms. And this arouses the men while dating.

6. It is easier to be yourself with these Russian girls. A man does not need to shine, look great and prove something. Local Russian girls behave more calmly, and their lives are slower paced. They are less in a hurry, but they manage everything. They adore a variety of relaxing, which means they are less worried and enjoy life more.

7. Petersburg women can be "recognized" by their speech. They speak correctly and beautifully. Any talk while dating is accompanied by "thank you," "please," "could you" and so on. Curiosity and interest in everything around are strongly marked in the girls’ natures. They can be easily identified by some special, stylish manner of behavior.

However, there is another side of the medal, which slightly frightens those who managed to catch the individuality of Russian women living here. Petersburg is a place that exists on its own. The same like the girls of this city. They are self-sufficient and beautiful. However, if you manage to enter the spirit of things and love their temper, you will discover a completely new world and a type of relationship that you have not met before.


Here began the history of Russia! Beautiful city !


I was there! It is impossible to describe this city! If you were not there you lost a lot!


St. Petersburg is a unique city!smile_27


I was there. beautiful city.

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