TOP 20 what you need to know about Ukrainian girls. You will be surprised a lot!  

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Ukrainian ladies and their personality


There is no man who does not aspire to understand the attitude of women, what a woman wants and what reactions she will have after certain actions. Let's tell you honestly: it's almost impossible to understand Ukrainian girls hundred-per-cent! However, you can try to find out about their extraordinary qualities. Why do you need this? You should realize that Ukrainian brides are different than, for example, American or European women. Ukrainian brides look at the world and relationships differently, and sometimes you think that it is just impossible to understand them. If you really want to build relationship with Ukrainian brides, you need to figure out what is important for Ukrainian brides, and what they can put aside. 

We are happy to help you and therefore provide a list of TOP 20 features of Ukrainian ladies.

1. All Ukrainian brides know how to cook dishes following a  grandmother's recipe.  

2. Ukrainian girls apply makeup as artists, unlike American women and European hate to do this.

3. Ukrainian brides adore when men present flowers. However, be aware that is inappropriately to give flowers in an odd number of bouquets of yellow flowers. This may be taken as a sign of separation.

4. A watch is not the best gift, according to Ukrainian traditions such a gift promises a quick quarrel.

5. Ukrainian ladies notice and understand the body language. Therefore, it is almost impossible to hide something from them.

6. Ukrainian brides always dress with a challenge.

7. Ukrainian ladies know that they are tender and fragile, unlike American and European women show themselves strong and independent.

8. In Europe, the trend is to be single even for girls, and in Ukraine, if the girl is alone, then she suffers, she wants to be with someone and do something for the man.

9. The guarantee of happiness for Ukrainian girls is marriage. 

10. Ukrainian ladies see in men the bridge to a better life. 

11. If suddenly your girl wears high-heeled shoes, then it is better to take her by the arm and put her shoulder, instead of blaming for too slow a walk.

12. Ukrainian girls will expect from you, as a man, decisions about where you will go and how you will spend a date.

13. Do not forget about good manners: hold the door and let Ukrainian brides go ahead, take off and give a coat. This is the way the things are done in Ukraine. 

14. Do not let Ukrainian ladies carry weights themselves. You will appear impolite, if you just stand there and watch the woman carry something heavy.

15. When Ukrainian girls love, they do not consider small things.

16. Do not focus on small things and small troubles in the company of Ukrainian ladies, learn to be positive.

17. Many Ukrainian girls love art. After work, they can go to an opera or a theater instead of the last film about Spiderman.

18. If you offend Ukrainian ladies, perhaps this is the last thing that will happen in your life! Unlike the West, where you can throw off insults and reconcile the next day.

19. Unforgettable eyes of Ukrainian brides: open, sincere, and a little melancholy.

20. The mystical power of Ukrainian girls is in intuition and a capability to foresee. European and American women also have such skills, but they are hampered by their life principals, which require making calculations, and therefore they do not trust themselves.

Nevertheless, the most significant thing for Ukrainian ladiesis the fact that a man is just at their side. This is how Ukrainian girls are organized. And very often they feel unprotected. However, Ukrainian girl needs not a superman, not a super prince, not a millionaire, but just a close person who will take her hand, hug, and say that everything will be fine.

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