The Russian girls in the USA. True stories of brides from our site who changed their location successfully

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The Russian girls in the USA.

Nowadays weddings of Russian girls with Americans are not as surprising as it was 20 years ago. Vice versa almost every Russian girl has a girlfriend who has found her happiness not in a native country. The topic "A wedding with American" often excites many Russian girls and women who are still in search. On the pros and cons of living in faraway America, three Russian girls agreed to share with us their experience. Not long ago, these women were looking through the profiles of men and today the women are happy American wives.

"I was never an ordinary Russian girl, I preferred to consider myself a creative person, says 24-year-old Russian girl Julia from Belgorod. Dating in real life brought me a lot of disappointment. At first, I reacted skeptically to this venture, but one day, having received a letter from an unusual military guy, and my eyes have sparkled!

After a few months, he decided to come ... We had very romantic first dates and I was frightened of such strong feelings! Now I understand that my sincerity and openness of Russian girl played an important role in our relations and drawn near the day of a wedding. While Timothy was leaving he made me a wedding proposal, and I agreed! A month later, he sent me a ticket and I flew to him in Sacramento to arrange our wedding! After the wedding, I just tried to learn the language; become a caring wife like all Russian girls, and make up my Russian girl’s mind to the fact that the American culture is not worse than ours. What really surprised me as a Russian girl, is how men relate to family traditions and women. An employee who has a family and children is enjoyed with great respect. For example, my husband says that they have photos of loved women and children at work. They boast of the successes of their women without embarrassment. During meetings, all my husband’s friends showed me pictures of their loved women and were very happy when I was saying: "She looks great”. In general, the difference of mentality will not interfere if between men and Russian girls is true love before and after a wedding! "

Also, 32-year-old Russian girl Maria gladly revealed to us her wedding story: 

"I was looking for my man for several long months and almost lost hope when I eventually met Sean. We were chatting for several weeks. in March 2016, Sean offered a mutual trip to Europe. He had everything that I, as a Russian girl, hoped to find in a man:  attentive, caring, and loving. After our trip, we returned to my native Rostov-on-Don and I introduced him to my family. After half of the year, Sean came over and made me a proposal for a wedding! So now, we are happy in his hometown Boston.

The first time after the wedding was very difficult for me as a Russian girl. But the fact that I had a good level of English saved the situation, so after the wedding, I started to search work. My husband became a valuable adviser in my relations with American colleagues. Sean disaccustomed me, the Russian girl, from negativism and from strong feelings about the public opinions. For all that I have now, I am sincerely grateful to my beloved husband!

I am sure that our success story will inspire many Russian girls and women to a wedding with foreign men. I wish all lonely people find their happiness on this site!”

A beautiful Russian girl 39-year-old Natalia from Moscow tells us the following:

"We met with Michael on the site two years ago. He had a divorce under his belt and I was depressed after my first husband left me. However, life always gives hope for the best and the chance for love regardless of age. Michael is an American from Miami. He is cheerful, witty and wondrous energetic in his 48 years, with an absolute sense of style in everything. But, the most important thing is that Michael loves me. However, what I immediately learned after our wedding is that the USA is not a paradise on earth for Russian girls, where dollars grow on every tree. It is necessary to be single-minded, strive to learn new things, be benevolent and open. It really helped that Michael's relatives accepted me very kindly and supported me. In general, I think Americans just have a cult about family values. I was surprised to see how many men come to classes with their women in preparation for childbirth. That is why it is difficult to "divide" children during divorce, men, as well as women, fight for custody of their children. Also, men like to help their women in the household, often the duties are divided equally. In general, I will never compare my past and present life. Now I have it completely different, and I really like it!"

And for those Russian girls and women who are still looking for someone special on the dating site, we would like to wish the one thing - you will succeed if you believe in yourself and in the future concentrate on communicating with the person who in your opinion is your best half for a wedding. We wish all Russian girls and women to learn to believe in a destiny!

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