How to keep a long distance relationship? Top 10 tips from psychologist 

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  It is said that true love has no barriers, and distances of thousands of kilometers are not a hindrance to sincere feelings. But not everyone knows how to keep love with this kind of relationship. Women and men go to different cities and countries not being able to be together. Is there a chance to keep from falling apart a long distance relationship? How to save enduring love? If you are in such relationship now, you may have a look at 10 useful tips from a psychologist dealing with the relation between men and women. 

1. Talk 

For sure, a variety of messengers are much more convenient than Skype. Girls and women can stay in touch all day with their darling men. However, try to talk more often with each other on Skype but not write messages. While chatting it is impossible to convey intonation in a precise manner, even if you have long been together. In a phone conversation, you do not observe the facial expressions of each other, so you also lose a lot. 

2. Talk about some trivial matters 

It is not necessary to build grandiose plans in every conversation with Ukrainian girls. Speak about everyday things. Ukrainian girls would like to know how was your day or what book are you reading now. Focus on trivial things that are part of everyday life. Are you planning to do a shift furniture in the apartment? Excellent! Discuss the various options with your Ukrainian girl. This method allows connecting men and women. 

3. Provide support 

Find yourself in difficult moments with your Ukrainian darling, even if you have to postpone your affairs. In this way, you will show another half your love. Sometimes Ukrainian women can be upset and need some support. Otherwise, women will learn to cope with difficulties on their own so you will become uninteresting to them. The girls also tend to support their partners whatever happens. 

4. Meet regularly 

The frequency of the dates may depend on many factors: distance, work, finance. But you must set a schedule of dates with Ukrainian women on a "no less than" basis. Will you meet only after six months? Let it be so, but you must know for sure that this meeting will take place. Together with Ukrainian girl arrange the trips in advance. This is an important tip for a long distance relationship with girls. 

5. Do everyday things together 

Fortunately, modern means of connection allow men and girls even choose in real time the products together for dinner. For example, turn on Skype and go to a market. This brings together men and women incredibly, because, for girls, this creates the illusion of presence. 

6. Stay loyal 

There is no a long distance relationship without loyalty. The girls always remain honest to their self and to a partner. The girls love men who do not hide under the masks and are sincere. Ukrainian sociologists have identified the connection between frequent chatting and the increasing trust of partners. Build trust relationship. Otherwise, why did you choose this person as a life partner? 

7. Do not be jealous 

Is a long distance love possible without jealousy? In general, it is difficult to battle with jealousy, and any such relationship between men and women will not survive. Therefore, do not start to become jealous! Such advice is given by Ukrainian psychologists about a relationship. 

8. Present surprises and make gifts 

Another effective way to support the relationship is to make gifts and present surprises to your best half. Having learned that he or she admires something, get this thing and send it as a love present. Not the gift itself is so important for girls, but the attention and efforts that were spent to organize the surprise. The girls are particularly sensitive to the manifestation of such attention and love! 

9. Feel free to show your feelings 

Writing lovely messages can get boring in the first months. But it is meaningful to accept that your Ukrainian love need it. You have lost a huge portion of the relationship while being apart. Men and women express most of their feelings in a nonverbal way: holding hands, hugging, and kissing. While you are deprived of this chance, you need to fill the tenderness with words of love to Ukrainian girls. 

10. Do not suffer 

And there is one more significant advice about love on a distance with Ukrainian girls. Do not turn your life into a waiting room. Men and women are ill-adapted to suffer. Our psyche tends to tear away everything that is associated with negative emotions. So, the more you worry about the fact that a darling is far away, the sooner you can feel aloofness to him or her. If such a result does not appropriate for you both, try to not worry about the fact that your Ukrainian love is not next to you. It is temporary; it is not forever. 

Well, love with distance is always a test. But, if a couple passes it, this means that feelings of women and men are real, and the desire to be together is unbeatable. We are sure that using this simple but useful advice, you will overcome the burden of parting and make your relationship as happy as possible.


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