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If you want to make a pleasant impression on Russian and Ukrainian girls, then you should know that the first phrases in chatting are always the most crucial for women. We are glad to acquaint the men with a rather impressive list of the first phrases for online dating with women, which will increase the chances to build love relationship.

1. Usually, I do not meet Ukrainian girls in such manner...

2. I have been thinking an hour how to get dating with you, but still, I have no idea

3. Hi, does it seem to me or you really acted in some movie?

4. You know, when I saw you I immediately wanted to have a happy relationship!

5. I knew that the most beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls are here!

6. You are so mysterious Russian soul! 

7. You have such beautiful eyes! So I dare chatting with you.

8. You are so similar to my first wife! And I have not met her so far...

9. Do all Russian women are so magnetic?  

10. I am a seller of love. Do you want I sell to you at net cost?

11. Do you have any thread to tie up our love relationship here?

12. You are on the list of my today's affairs for the evening.

15. Could I get your name? I want to imagine it with my surname.

15. I wonder how your Russian inward fits your Russian forms.

16. I feel sorry for others women. Your Russian beauty makes them a gray mass.

17. I do not have two things in my life – my hair and a Russian girl.

18. When I am chatting with Russian women like you, I thank the Lord that I am not married.

19. And how does it feel to be the most beautiful Russian girl on this site?

20. You make me smile. That is all.

21. It was my best idea to start chatting with you!

22. If you think that I'm going to dating you, then you are mistaken - I also want to offer love relationship!

23. It must be painful ... to fall from heaven.

24. It must be love — I’m dizzy!

25. Marry me, or I'll change my mind.

26. Call the ambulance! Cupid just shot me.

28. Will You change my free time to your phone number?

29. Could you tell me Russian recipe for cactus jam?

30. Double thumbs up to Ukrainian girls!

31. I heard that Ukrainian girls know how to spend my salary in the best way. 

32. Do you play the drums? .. Me too! Look how much we have in common, let's chatting and dating!

33. What Russian fairy tale are you from?

34. What things do Russian women hate in love relationship?

35. Can I have chatting with you on this site or have dating in reality?

36. Please advise me how to like Ukrainian girls?

37. My friend and I bet about who are better in love relationship Russian or Ukrainian girls? Judge us!

38. Is it difficult chatting with Ukrainian girls?

39. Where have you been all this time?

40. Today love plays for us!

41. What do you do ... the rest of your life?

42. Oh! Is it you?

43. We are lucky today! 

44. Are you shy when young men want to get dating with you?

45. I bet my cat would love you!

46. You probably spent a lot of energy to attract men ... so I fell for it.

47. Is the new year this year or next year?

48. “The voices,” said that I need dating Ukrainian girls…

49. You are amazingly attractive.

50. Look sexy!

51. Have you listen to the creations of Picasso?

52. Do you want me tell the time?

53. Tell me that our chatting is not a dream!

54. This site is rather boring for us!

55. Does the sunset look romantic?

56. Why did not you call me?

57. It is no coincidence that we are chatting here!

58. I wonder how our children will look?

59. I thought I was a gay until I met you.

60. Here is who I was looking for!

61. Do you speak Russian?

62. Did I write to the right Russian girl?

63. Excuse me, do you like me?Amazing girl Yulia - Ukrainian dating Hearts in love

64. I bet you came here to have dating women.

65. What are you doing at three in the morning?

66. Had I chatting with you?

67. I want chatting with you, and nothing gets into my head. Save the situation!

68. If I were running for Russian president, would you vote for me?

69. You are beautiful at 85% - I have not seen the rest

70. Am I doing something wrong if I propose a love relationship to you?

71. Did I talk to you on the phone today?

72. If you wanted chatting, it’d make my day… or maybe a year.

73. You are beautiful like a star! 

74. Could you help me to find my love?

75. Will you invite me to Russian restaurant?

76. The horoscope promised me love relationship with Ukrainian girls.

77. Girl, you are very beautiful, and beautiful girls must be multiplied.

78. If you cut off your hands, you will become like Venus of Milos.

79. Let's go on dating!

80. Who are you? Why don’t I know you?

81. Is it dangerous to have chatting with Ukrainian girls?

82. May I meet the New Year with you?

83. You are one of those women who I dream to have dating!

84. Do you remember me?

85. How much does Ukrainian girls’ smile cost? I would have bought one!

86. I have amnesia – did I have chatting with you so far?

87. It is incredible! All of my 27 personalities have found you one of the most attractive Russian women! 

88. This dress looks great on you. 

89. I think that we are thinking about the same thing.

90. I write a book about love relationship and how to get dating with Ukrainian girls. I would like to ask you a few questions.

91. Today I cannot fall asleep if I do not get your phone number.

92. I'm too busy earning millions of dollars, but there's a couple of minutes to chatting with pretty Russian girl.

93. I collect the signatures of the most beautiful women. Would you put yours?

94. I'm already here. So you have only two wishes left.

95. I want to invite you for a cup of coffee with serious love intentions!

96. Such beautiful women should have a beautiful phone number!

97. I just heard a love song on the radio, and it describes our relationship perfectly.

98. My name is _____, but you can call me "my love".

99. Be honest. How long have you been waiting dating me?

100. You never start chatting first. I can’t tell if you hate me or if you’re playing hard to get.

101. Do I look like a maniac? The previous Ukrainian girls said so.

102. Sorry, I forgot your phone number...

103. You are almost as cute as I am!

104. Do you know what to say to women on first dating?

105. Do you believe in love at seventh sight?

106. Have men used to crawl at your feet?

107. Could you tell me how to get to women heart?

108. Wait! It is important! Do you need a good lover?

109. Yes or no: do women like romantic relationship?

110. How did you know that I was here?

111. What kind of women are Ukrainian girls?

112. What color are your eyes? They are so beautiful.

113. Are you following me? No?! What a pity…

114. I was worried I’d never find real relationship. You arrived just in time!

115. I suck at starting chatting. You want to try?

116. I think we were in a relationship in the previous life.

117. Hey, stranger. Stop being a stranger.

118. Hello. I agree...

119. You are unique!

120. How have you gone so long without any relationship with me?

121. Mine heart seems to have been stolen one of Ukrainian girls!

122. Ukrainian girls are so beautiful that they made me forget my pickup line.

123. What will be your positive answer?

124. Let’s bet on sex that I will sleep with you!

125. Are you still not boring from different suitors?

126. Stunning places on your photos!

127. What is women’ ideal boyfriend for dating?

128. Wow, just saw you and already fell in love!

129. I'm new here, but I decided to take a chance...

130. I am looking for a copartner for love crimes.

131. I call the police. One of Ukrainian girls stolen my heart!

132. I think I'm not the first one who wants dating you today. 

133. We will laugh together on the same day next year 

134. Women’ charm goes even through the Internet. 

135. Miss me yet?

136. Let's disgrace those skeptics who think that dating on the Internet is not serious relationship!

137. I am blinded by the beauty of your photo. I want to see the original.

138. I want to cheer some of pretty women up. Maybe you?

139. Could you forgive yourself ... if I do not get chatting you?

140. It seems to me that you are a creative person ...

141. Today is a wonderful day to start a new relationship!

142. I always dreamed about dating with Ukrainian girls!

143. How to make relationship with Ukrainian girls happy?

144. Do you think am I handsome to women?

145. Are you looking for your fate?

146. I had a dream we were dating, so I woke up and decided to turn the relationship into a reality.

147. Would pretty women like chatting a witty conversationalist?

148. I had a desire to find happiness by seeing your profile.

149. Are you from the royal family? Look like a princess!

150. Beauty of Ukrainian girls cannot be compared to anything!

Words affect women like a magnet. So do not neglect such a special "weapon" that will help you to find happiness and love in a relationship. Open your true feelings to Russian and Ukrainian girls with tempting phrases, and you will get exactly what you expect!

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