The full guide to acquaintance with the family of your Ukrainian girlfriend 

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 Acquaintance with the family of your Ukrainian woman


One of the most important and difficult challenges that must be overcome in serious relationships is the acquaintance with the parents of your other half. So if you seek to find your only one with who you could live your whole life together, then you can notavoid this step. In this article, any man may find support and receive valuable advice on how to prepare for an acquaintance with the parents of Ukrainian girls. You should remember there is only one chance to make a good impression on your girl's parents. 

Your clothes should make the right effect. This advice is not innovative, but it deserves attention. That is why there should be no baseball caps, crumpled T-shirts, shorts, and slovenliness. Try to look  neatly and not frivolously: shirts, polos, jeans. Be shaved, moms love it. Jeans and other pants must be well-pressed. 

Gather information. Do not be lazy to find out from your bride important information about parents: education, habits, interests, family structure, the story of the family tree, etc. Such knowledge will make up a psychological portrait of the mother and father of the beloved. Learn the forbidden topics, which it is better not to touch. Parents will appreciate your awareness and interest in their habits and pedigree. But do not go too far.

Do not forget about the gifts. Also you should come with flowers or another gift to show your respect. You can also bring a bottle of good wine. Ask your girl what her parents will like. It is considered indecent to come empty-handed to a house. Even a simple gift from you will demonstrate your forethought.

Feast. For sure when you get acquainted with parents one of Ukrainian girls, a joint dinner awaits you. How to behave at the table? One of the main secrets of how to get acquainted with the bride's parents is to observe the measure in everything. This applies to alcohol too. If you are offered a drink - do not refuse without good reason. But drink without losing your mind and controlling the situation. Particularly in Ukrainian families, they like toast. So do not be lazy and think ahead of a few interesting toasts. But as for the treats on the table - you should try to try all the dishes. A good appetite among the guests - the best praise for the hostess, in this case - the mother of the bride.

Questions of parents. It is the most crucial moment in communicating with parents and answer the questions that concern them. Do not think that they want to find a dirty trick and put their guest in a bad light. In fact, it is just important for them what kind of person is next to their daughter. So what are these questions?

- The seriousness of intentions. If the wedding with the Ukrainian girl is not near, do not swear to her parents in infinite love for the bride. In life, everything can change, and then it turns out that these were empty words. It is important to designate a respectful and careful attitude to the bride.

- The question of attitude to family values, love for children will necessarily be asked. In any case, it is worth responding as far as one's sensations are concerned. The answer should be correct and soft.

- About yourself. You can tell about hobbies and positive lines of character. The main thing is not to praise yourself and not look like a self-conceited boaster. You can objectively tell about your successes, achievements.

- About your parents. You can talk about your parents, what they do, who they are, etc. Do not go into family relationships, give out all the nuances.

Keep your head! Except for kisses and hugs, there are other ways to show how much you like the woman. If you want to demonstrate that you love her, treat the bride with respect. You can hold her hand and show your sympathy a little, but in no case do not overdo it. Fathers often do not like to watch other men touch their daughters, so remember this when you meet your woman's parents.

Do not be afraid if something goes wrong. In the end, you are also a person, too, you can make mistakes in something, in some way be wrong. If your serious relationships have reached such a level that you decided to take such an important step, then you really appreciate your Ukrainian girl. There is love, there is friendship, and there is mutual understanding. The expectation of an action is more terrible than the action itself. Do not worry; everything will be fine. After all, if the girl fell in love with you, the parents will like you too!

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