What are the most important holidays for Ukrainian and Russian girls ?

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What are the most important holidays for Ukrainian and Russian girls you should always keep in mind?


A series of different holidays in Ukraine and Russia may unsettle any enamored representative of the stronger sex. For a foreign man who already meets or just dreams of a relationship with a Slavic girl, an important question may arise: When do Ukrainian and Russian women expect special attention for?” To prevent you from getting into trouble, we surveyed the girls to establish the truth. So, which days should be marked in the calendar of any man?


Birthday. It is no secret that this is one of the most significant and unforgettable holidays for every person. This wonderful holiday always gives a lot of positive emotions, as well as fun and great atmosphere. While choosing a gift, you need to consider how close you are; take into account all of her preferences, as well as the age of your beloved. The girls will be happy to get a congratulation at midnight in the form of a large bouquet of flowers and a good gift. Also, you can arrange dinner in a restaurant that the girl does not know about. Such gifts win not only by their grandiosity but also by the diligence that you put in. Girls are always pleased to show off that their boyfriend did something for her.

Valentine's Day.    For Ukrainian and Russian women, this day is a test for strength or an answer to a question “Will there be a continuation?” If the relationships are strong, passionate, and passionate, the couple celebrates this day, they laugh and prepare for each other romantic surprises. It becomes immediately clear - their relationship is not terrible to storms. On this day, all gifts are equated to confessions of love. Along with this, the value of a surprise and its decoration are more worthful. You should pack the present in sweetie paper or a box with hearts; attach to it a valentine card and give your beloved together with the words of love and flowers.

International Women's Day. Congratulations on March 8 to Ukrainian and Russian women have become almost the rule. In the morning of the day, all true men are united by a single goal - to buy an exquisite bouquet for their beloved. In this case, it is best to hunt not for the majestic roses, but for the tender spring flowers as tulips, narcissuses, and hyacinths. The most important thing is that on the 8th of March for every man there is a chance to congratulate the girl he likes, but he did not dare to say anything about it. In addition, if you are already in a relationship with a girl, a wonderful act on your part will be the congratulation of your beloved’s mother. Be sure, girls will appreciate this step to their true worth.

New Year's and Christmas. Such magical holidays as the New Year and Christmas are of particular importance for Ukrainian and Russian women. On New Year's Eve, many girls make wishes and believe that now everything will start differently. Therefore, the choice of a gift should be made with enthusiasm. The best gift will be the realization of the cherished dream of a loved one. To do this, prepare in advance and find out what she dreams about. In such a manner, you will show how precious she is to you. 

Taken all round most of the girls during the survey said that the gift itself is not as important as the fact that the man tried only for her. Therefore, even if you do not succeed or you spend on a gift not so much money as you would like, the girl will always appreciate your efforts.

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