About what do Ukrainian girls like to joke and laugh?

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Features of Ukrainian Humor  smile_28

Having a good sense of humor is a great way to please another person. If you are able to make a girl laugh, then she will like your appearance. Also, you will be able to charm her and get close to her. Maintaining an easy mood, you can build a long relationship with her. What makes Ukrainian brides laugh? Andwhat is an inappropriate joke in the opinion of girls? To help men who want to create a marriage with Slavic women, let's look into the peculiarities of Ukrainian humor.

It should be borne in mind that not only male and female humor are not the same thing but also each country has its own sense of humor. Some anecdotes of other nations to girls are not funny or just not clear. However, there are common properties inherent in all cultures. Particularly unique is the Ukrainian humor in Odessa. He differs in that it is born exclusively in communication - this makes it so alive, spontaneous and colorful: « Sema, do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk again?»

Unlike French humor, where self-irony is the main quality, Ukrainian is more mild and sincere. And when the French turn to personalities, this is just a field of black humor for Ukrainians.

Also, American humor is not always clear for Ukrainian brides. But after watching really good comedies, it becomes clear that these peoples are even closer to each other than we thought before.

For a foreign man who wants to be interesting and cheerful for his excellent darling practice will be watching Ukrainian and Russian comedies. Here are some films that any foreigner will like: "Moscow does not believe in tears," "Caucasian captive," "Dandies," "8 first dates", "Love in a big city."

Many girls from Kiev note that they like jokes about their dignity, positive qualities or good deeds. For example, if a girl is dressed with taste on a date, then you can say something like that "You look so good that I can get an inferiority complex against your background." If on a date, you managed to come up with her nice nickname, use it in conversation (a dolly, a curl, a fashionista, etc).

However, there are rules about which very few people know. We want to warn you about how you cannot joke under any circumstances. Try to avoid inappropriate jokes or caustic sarcasm. Humor like walking a tightrope can insult a girl or just push her away from you. Leave a joke on the topic of sexism, ethnicity, and religion, as well as jokes that go beyond the limits of what is allowed. It is also better not to say jokes about girl's constitution,appearance or size of clothes. It does not matter how accurate and funny you might think an inappropriate joke is because a girl can understand you wrong. Obscene jokes are also unlikely to please her.

Therefore, to win the heart of your Ukrainian beloved, your jokes should be close to the girl and appropriate in the situation. Come up with an easily catchy phrase or a joke "for your own," which she will be able to repeat too, joining your humor. You will see how your relationships improve and how much humor can bring two people together.


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