Russian women. What do they like and what kind of men do they prefer

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Dating with Russian girls

Stereotypes, which relate to the personality of women of different nationalities, usually contain beliefs about specific features of the character. Let us say, East women are wise and submissive, Germanic girls are pedantic and neat, Ukrainians are cheerful and pretty. However, when it concerns to Russian women, the phrase "the mysterious Russian soul" recalls in a flash. A lot of men are trying to find out what qualities truly are hidden in Russian girls? This question is difficult to get an answer, but you can try.

A foreign man may hear the first thing about Russian women that they are pretty communicative. Russian girls always have a lot of friends; they are open and cheerful. Many girls have extraordinary beauty, but they do not see any superiority in this, so they communicate easily and simply. Thus if you notice a beautiful girl walking alone in the park, you can easily get acquainted and enjoy conversation with her. Openness to people and the desire to help everyone is formed from childhood in the nature of Russian women. Many of them often choose such profession as a teacher or a doctor, or they try to bring love and goodness to the world by other ways. An excellent example of a combination of beauty and virtue is the well-known Russian model Natalia Vodianova. She devotes plenty of time to charitable projects (even though she has five children and she is the wife of a famous foreigner!).

Russian women are wonderful goodwife and gorgeous mothers. In their house, you will always be fed and feel comfortable. It may seem that their kindness and softness of character have no limit. But be sure that when they faced with danger, more fearless women you have not seen. You will get a chance to realize that the proverb "The Russian woman can stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house" completely reflects their brave nature. As soon as the storm passes, they again become helpless girls, who need to be protected by strong men.

It may seem to a foreign man that Russian girls are simply ideal for creating a family and relationships, so they have very high criteria when choosing men. You may be surprised, but in fact, Russian women appreciate in men such simple things like constancy, loyalty in relationships and understanding the importance of family values. Girls believe that the traditions and spiritual values that are descended from the dynasty are the mainstay of the family. For girls, the man is the head of the family who makes decisions. They follow his decisions and try to find compromises in relationships because they believe in long and happy marriages.

It is not so easy to comprehend Russian women, especially for a foreign man. Definitely, one we can say that these girls passionately wish to be loved and do not think themselves without romance. She must feel that she is the happiest in the world. However, for Russian women to give love to someone is more important than accepting someone's love. For honest men, who are oriented on strong relations, Russian women are willing to reveal their mysterious soul and believe in a sincere feeling.

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