About Ukrainian women . With these tips, you may get any girl to like you! 7 important steps

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 About Ukrainian women . With these tips, you may get any girl to like you! 7 important steps

Why do some men feel a little awkward when meeting a new girlfriend? As sociological studies say most of all people are afraid of uncertainty and the fact that they do not know what can happen. To help men feel confident in dating women and better understand what they like, our site conducted a survey among 200 Ukrainian women aged 20 to 55 years. The result confirmed that for most women first dating play a decisive role, after which the girl can understand whether she is ready to continue the relationship with the man. Based on the results obtained, we managed to prepare the 7 most important steps for men, which will help in dating the girls.

1. Be fun and unselfconscious

For many interviewed women, a sense of humor of a man has a great importance. Shy guys look more unsure and do not cause sympathy. Women like to be in the company of men who know how to joke and understand jokes, who are capable of acting suddenly. Using a sense of humor, you can become more close with the girl at first dating. 

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2. Keep up your look

The first impression of a person often speaks more than the years of communication with him. In which way a man is dressed, a woman can easy draw a conclusion about his level of education, status in society, the mind, the sense of style and much more. Third part of the asked women notice that they immediately pay attention to a man with a favorable and attractive style.

3. Pay attention to her wishes

80 % of the asked women say that they enjoy being with a man capable to generous and attentive. At the first date, you can surprise her by a flower or by a cute present. Care is so important for girls in relationships.

4. Plan in advance

In our survey took part a lot business women who remarked that it is a real pleasure to have a date with a man thinking in advance how and where to hold it. They adore surprises and are very happy with unusual dates. As well, if you have a plan, you feel more confident.

5. Be a good storyteller

According to the results of the survey, for most of the girls who are looking for relationships, a skill of a man to talk about himself, his hobbies, and the world is important. Dates with you should be for a girl as a holiday. The wider your horizon, the more you are erudite and therefore more interesting to girls.

6. Create intrigue in communication

Almost all the girls answered that intrigue is important for dating. Girls are often not interested in men who are completely open, predictable and subjugated. A man who makes changes of intonation, makes correct accents on the right words and phrases, attracts women much more. They want to know these men and are interested in continue of relationships.

7. Be persistent and achieve your goal

It is not a secret that the girls are looking for men who have achieved life success. 90% of girls confirmed that at dating a successful and enterprising man they feel safety and support, and this encourages them to create a serious relationships.

Nevertheless, you should know that when Ukrainian girl is dating an adequate man, all his disadvantages and complexes cease to play any role. Love is the main thing in relationships, so just be braver and do not lose your destiny.

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