Do you know that the first dating agency was founded in England. This story is rather interesting.

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Interesting facts about the first marriage agency. 

 Hello, Iam Karolina Way, dating expert. Do you know that the first dating agency  was founded in England . This story is rather interesting.

On the 29th of September in 1650 Henry Robinson started his marriage business. Many men asked him to find the second half. It was not easy deal. The matter is that the main feature of the would be bride was her dowry. Marriage was considered not only as the union of loving hearts, but first of all as the profitable amalgamation of capitals.

One of Robinson’s clients was Sir John Dimely, who wanted to marry a young lady. His only request in his advertisement was ”The Woman must have 300 guineas in her own.” As you see, he was interested in

money. Possibly he could marry awoman, who was not a virgin or who was pregnant from the previous husband. He was indifferent to her personality, feeling and inner world. Unfortunately, we do not know the end of the story. I hope Henry Robinson coped with his task.

Some centuries passed and the situation has changed fundamentally. Nowadays people are happy to build loving relations based on trust and understanding.

I wish to know your criteria in search of the second half. What features do you appreciate most of all? I will read your comments with a great pleasure.

I wish you good mood and pleasant dates. 

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