10 reasons why men wish Ukrainian women

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 10 reasons why men wish Ukrainian women



 Every year, the number of international couples grows. Over the past 10 years, more than 27,000 marriages of foreign men with Ukrainian women have been registered in Ukraine. And it's not surprising, because Ukrainian girls are almost ideal for creating strong and long relationships, as the following facts say.


 1. Feminine style

Ukrainian girls always tend to look feminine and stylish. Dresses, skirts, and heels - the basis of the wardrobe of such girls. During 20 years of participation in the Miss World beauty contest, 11 Ukrainian girls were among the twenty most beautiful girls in the world and occupied the first, second, third and fourth places. The title Miss Universe-2016 went again to the Ukrainian girl.

 2. All-round intellectual development

Many modern Ukrainian girls have a rich intellectual life. They are well educated and understand a few foreign languages. Girls are registering on dating sites to learn more information about the culture of other countries, to find new friends, and, maybe, to find the real love. The Ukrainian Institute of Demography confirms that 76% of the population of Ukraine have higher education (the tenth place in the world in this indicator).

 3. A beautiful sports body

Many Ukrainian women understand how important a healthy lifestyle and excellent fitness body are. Sociological research for 2016 confirmed that about two million Ukrainian women regularly do sport more than twice a week.

 4. Family values are very important

Ukrainians women have traditional views on the role of men and women in the family. The family for them is a priority. The woman is the keeper of family comfort and a good mother. If the relationship ends in a divorce in 93% of cases, children remain with Ukrainian women, who despite the difficulties try not to interrupt the communication between the child and the father.

 5. Loyalty and modesty

The patriarchal type of relationship is predominant. Most often Ukrainian girls fall in love with one man for all life. According to statistics in Ukraine, only 12 per 100 divorces fell apart due to treason and jealousy.

 6. Great homemakers

Ukrainian girls learn to cook well from their childhood, including traditional Ukrainian dishes. Many foreign men, who have married Ukrainian beauties, appreciate the culinary skills of their loved ones. According to the rating of the most coveted brides made by Europeans, Ukraine took one of the highest places - the fifth


 7. Easy attitude to change and rapid adaptation

These ladies know how to do something from nothing, and they are not afraid of difficulties. Psychological research has shown that Ukrainian women are twice as calm as men react to unforeseen situations and adapt more quickly to new conditions.

 8. Ukrainian girls are looking for reliable partner

The better part of Ukrainian women wish to meet husbands abroad by online dating. A happy family, a reliable and honest partner, are the most important choices in their life. They do not aspire just to get married and divorce after several years. Every tenth marriage in Ukraine is creating with a foreign man.

 9. Attitude to wealth and money

Of course, the Ukrainian woman will pay attention to your financial situation. In general, 75 percent of women say that they would hardly have met a man who does not have a job. But she will choose you, not your money. The wealth of your soul is more important than the size of your bank account.

 10. The speed of relations

In Ukraine, girls believe that sometimes 2-3 months is quite enough to decide to bind their lives with a loved one and get married. Relationships that are several years long do not always lead to a marriage. Perhaps the girls are also worried that according to statistics in Ukraine, there are only 86 men for 100 women. While in Australia, the ratio of men and women is equal and in the USA: 97 men to 100 women.

 A lot of famous Ukrainian ladies are a pride of successful men: "Miss Ukraine 2007" Lyudmila Bikmullina married an American millionaire Bill Kay, Ukrainian designer Olga Gromova married an English businessman Simon Jackman, and 62-year-old teacher of foreign language Tatiana Mishchenko took the heart of the French millionaire.

It is known that dating online is becoming more popular among Ukrainian girls. Our dating site hearts-in-love.com , which already helped to hundreds of couples to find each other, may gift a chance for happiness to everyone.


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