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On the Earth there are thousands of amazing places where it is possible to spend romantic weekend with beloved,

we will remind you about some of them, maybe your honeymoon or vacation you will spend there. 


The ancient canals, bridges and buildings of another Italian city - Venice, attract lovers from all over the world. This is not surprising: located on the water Venice is not like any other city. Riding on the famous gondolas among the magnificent palaces evokes a sense of being in eternity.

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Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands were created by the Most High for lovers of romance! The most popular place in Hawaii is the resort of Waikiki - a complex of five huge hotels from windows of which offers a wonderful view of the vast ocean. Waikiki offers relaxing treatments, a comfortable beach holiday and a swim in the heated pool. In the restaurants of the resort you will be served the most delicious dishes that evoke sexuality, including  classical French cuisine.


Couples who love everything unusual for sure will love Morocco. Amazing combination of luxury and simplicity, beauty, history - Morocco will leave a bright trace in your memory. Desert Sahara, unusual smells and tastes, unusual architecture - all this will help you feel not only in another place, but also in another time. If you want to really refresh your relationship then come to Morocco.


The capital of Love - so many people call Paris, gives extraordinary warmth and pleasant excitement to everyone's heart. Even the most pragmatic people in the French capital is transformed, becoming easy and romantic. Every Parisian corner whether it's the Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame cathedral, the royal Louvre are full of love and passion.

The Maldives 

This is a great place for those who want to hide on uninhabited island from prying eyes. Not in wain the tours to the Maldives are popular among lovers from around the world - this combination of privacy, comfort, luxury and primacy does not exist, perhaps anywhere else in the world.




This birthplace of the Italian Renaissance was the birthplace of many influential figures in the history of art and science. Vineyards, villas and historic Italian cities - all this area is a real romantic adventure. Stay in the historic villas, eat local food, drink the best wine in the world and ride a bicycle along the best vineyards.


Located just 200 km from the mainland Greece, Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Its picturesque houses with blue roofs are an ideal backdrop for the most important offer in life. 

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