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Hope is an amazing girl who is looking for her love,
Here is what she says about herself:

I have to tell that I am the most optimistic and practical woman in the whole world. Maybe these two qualities dont have
anything in common, but I am an extraordinary mixture of thoughts and emotions. I enjoy to make plans for future. But
the most happiness for me is to make them come true. I dont like to waste money, time and energy. So if you are serious
I am here for you, if not – please leave my profile. You can think ‘So young, what is she doing here?’
The answer is simple – looking for love.
As I dont have desire to meet it here in my country any more. I am very active, helpful, faithful, loving,
communicative, joyful, family orientated woman, looking forward to find my love, that is somewhere in
this world.

You can write to the lady by clicking on the link: Nadezhda


smile_8Nadegda you are so  beautiful Yang lady ,  I wish you happinessmile_4

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